Kerry Steigerwalt has gained a reputation as one of San Diego’s premier trial attorneys through a commitment to providing access to justice for those in need. For over 30 years, Mr. Steigerwalt has realized success in the courtroom through a string of high-profile criminal defense cases. If you were involved in an assault and battery crime in San Diego CA, then contact an assault and battery lawyer that can get the results you desire. Kerry Steigerwalt handles all types of criminal defense and aggravated assault and battery defense cases in the San Diego - Contact Your Defense Law Firm today!


Attorney Jay Monico migrated to the United States from El Salvador in August 1992 and became a United State Citizen in November 2003. Growing up in Los Angeles County, Jay witnessed firsthand the importance of obtaining proper legal representation.

Before becoming a lawyer, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. where he received numerous awards.

Jay now commits his time to providing his clients with aggressive and diligent representation and is dedicated to defending their rights.

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Mary Gomez

Jay Monico keeps impressing me every time, he is very straight forward and told me what to expect every step of the way, he was articulate, knowable and effective. I’ll be forever grateful!

Joey Varnam

Had the absolute best experience possible with San Diego Criminal. I am so glad I went with SDC because they were 100% the reason I got my case dismissed. They were a pleasure to work with and were all very knowledgeable about any question I had. Would recommend them to ANYONE looking for someone to represent you!

Mike Elliott

I found myself in a sticky situation and decided to cal San Diego Criminal. I was really nervous, but after speaking with kerry about my situation, all my doubt was relieved. San Diego Criminal took care of everything for me and were 100% responsible for getting me the absolute best outcome in my case. I cannot thank SDC enough for all their help and would highly recommend them if you find yourself in a legal trouble.


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