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Dealing with a DUI arrest is a major concern. Having a recorded DUI conviction can lead to significant legal issues including losing your driver’s license, jail time, heightened insurance rates, ignition interlock requirements, financial problems, and employment loss. Being in a situation such as this is never a good thing and it’s important to sit down with a qualified legal professional at Carlsbad DUI Attorneys as soon as possible.

DUI law in California is filled with complexities and it’s often noted as being a challenging part of criminal law. Having to defend a DUI case means understanding how the law works and ensuring this expertise is leveraged into a positive result throughout the DUI investigation. There are several tests involved in the investigative process including blood and breath tests to determine if alcohol/drugs were consumed. This is why having a qualified legal expert by your side is a must.

Why Should I Hire a Carlsbad DUI Lawyer?

One of the primary reasons has to do with gaining access to a legitimate legal professional. It’s never good to go through a situation where the case remains unresolved as that can only lead to further issues down the road. It’s important to seek assistance with DUI Attorneys as soon as possible.

Will a Carlsbad DUI Attorney Charge Me for an Initial Consultation?

In general, no there are no costs associated with the initial consultation and it can be done at the office right away. A legal professional will sit down and go through the various details along with the payment plan moving forward.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Carlsbad DUI Lawyer?

With San Diego Criminal, there is a multitude of options when it comes to financing a legal professional and this can include credit card options. You can move forward with the expense and feel in control of the situation from start to finish. This is what makes it easy to manage.

Why Should I Hire a DUI Attorney as Opposed to a Public Defender?

A question that is asked when it comes to DUI attorneys is whether or not they are a good option. Yes, public defenders do have a role to play in the legal system but they are not as specialized in managing DUI cases. They see a boatload of cases throughout the year that can vary in terms of the details. This makes it harder for the public defender to help their clients win. There are multiple technicalities associated with these DUI cases and it is important to go with someone that knows what to do.

When the consequences are high, it’s best to have someone that will face those DUI charges head-on. This is why having an experienced legal professional on hand becomes the only way to fight against the charges.

Plus, it’s also necessary to illustrate why you can’t afford to bring on a private legal professional for the DUI case. If you are assigned a public defender, they are going to be rushing through the case. In some cases, the public defender will be up in front of the judge within a day or two. This means the case becomes nothing more than a number and is going to lead to significant legal consequences immediately. It is smarter to go with someone that has seen it all and will take their time in fighting the case.

What Should I Do if I’m Charged With a DUI in Carlsbad?

The first step is to move forward with an in-depth consultation involving the DUI charges. This includes sitting down with a legal professional and taking a look at what the DMV has written on your record. A qualified attorney can help with all of these steps and is going to know what files are needed for your hearing. This makes it easier to move forward with the case and put your best foot forward. The attorney is also going to start working on the case as soon as possible.

What Happens After a DUI Arrest in Carlsbad?

After a DUI arrest has been made, the police officer is going to send all relevant information forward for processing at the DMV. This is going to include the driver’s license suspension and any other information regarding the initial charges. There is a comprehensive review of these details including an examination of the report to see what has transpired.

When the license suspension has been approved, there are additional steps available for citizens including a DMV hearing. This has to be done within 10 days to be valid.

If the DMV hearing goes ahead as planned, the DMV will mention this in a detailed written report that is sent to you.

If the California DMV Suspends My License Will I be Able to Drive?

There is a “hard” suspension in place once the DMV has suspended the license. This means a person can’t drive in California during that period and may receive a restricted license later on.

Will I Lose My License if I’m Charged With a DUI in Carlsbad?

A DUI charge doesn’t mean you are going to lose your driver’s license permanently. There is a set amount of time the DMV is going to list on the suspension and that is going to be at least 10 days at a minimum. A legal professional can help get rid of this suspension based on the facts as soon as they are brought on.

Can I Win My DMV Hearing If My BAC is Over .08 Percent?

If your BAC is over .08 %, you can still win as long as the right points are made. The legal team will go through each detail properly before coming up with a strong defense. This is done during the APS hearing to make sure everything is taken care of.

Can I be Arrested and Charged with DUI if my BAC is Below .08 Percent?

Yes, a person can be arrested at any BAC level and this is at the discretion of the police officer. They will have an opinion regarding the driver’s behavior and road-based actions before making the arrest. If the tests don’t come out as needed, the arrest can be made on the spot. All of these details are then included in the officer’s report.

What Happens at My First Court Appearance?

The arraignment or initial court date is set up to put in a plea (not guilty, guilty, no contest). This will also include the initial police report and the charges that are being laid on you. By calling Carlsbad DUI Attorneys, it’s possible to have someone start working on the case right away.

Will I Be Required to Attend My First Court Appearance?

In a situation such as this, you are not going to be needed at the initial court appearance. You can simply have a legal professional go on your behalf. If you have been charged with a felony alongside the DUI, you are going to be asked to show up to the initial court hearing. This is mandatory in California.

Can I Be Charged With DUI if I Was Pulled Over for a Minor Traffic Violation?

Yes, if there is probable cause for a minor traffic violation, the police officer can stop you and run through different sobriety tests. Any time the officer believes a driver is under the influence, they have the right to pull you over and pursue the different tests available to them. This includes blowing into a breathalyzer. The police officer can take the readings and then go from there whether or not an arrest has to be made.

Will A Carlsbad Court Look at Previous DUI Cases?

Yes, the court is going to take a look at your entire history and that includes past DUI charges that have been mentioned in your file. Considering the case and what is being written, it becomes doubly important for the court to go through these charges before the plea bargaining begins. The court is going to have immediate access to all of these files including your record. Assuming a person has already been convicted of a similar offense, they will have to deal with additional legal consequences associated with being a repeat offender. This can include harsher legal penalties along with a potentially lengthy jail sentence depending on the situation at hand. This is why it’s important to also consider what the court has in front of it. They may even ask for a rehab program for the individual. To make sure they are able to prove this, they will require appropriate evidence and that’s where a good attorney can help.

Will I Go to Jail for a DUI?

This is going to vary from case to case and is not a given. If a person has a history of DUI convictions, other convictions, or have committed a major driving violation, it’s possible to have to serve jail time for your actions. A qualified defense attorney can assist with this situation to make sure alternative sentencing is brought up (i.e. home confinement, community service). We promise to work hard in making sure our clients don’t have to spend a single minute in prison. To get started, give us a call and let us help.

Contact the Experienced Carlsbad DUI Lawyers at San Diego Criminal

Moving forward with a DUI lawyer and defending your case with the DMV is all about making the right choice. Our team is committed to offering a wide array of legal services and remain experts in DUI defense cases. We are passionate and ready to assist based on modern legal standards in California for similar cases. Give us a call and set up a free consultation as soon as possible.

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