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If a criminal allegation has been lodged against you, whether for the possession of a controlled substance, a DUI, or another category, you will be facing potentially long-lasting and serious consequences. If your livelihood is dependent on you retaining a California professional and a conviction or criminal charge potentially threatens that license, then the consequences can be devastating.

If you require a Professional License Defense Lawyer in Carlsbad, you need to get in touch with the criminal defense lawyers at San Diego Criminal without delay. San Diego Criminal understands just how hard you have been working to gain the necessary expertise to deliver high-quality service to clients in your profession of choice.

Besides the educational background and acquiring practical experience, you also had to go through the process of applying for your license, which involves a lot of paperwork, expensive fees, and an examination that was administered by the state. You also had to renew the license periodically and maintain it through the payment of a fee and do so on time to avoid being penalized. We also understand that you might be holding multiple professional licenses that can make the licensing process more expensive, time-consuming, and complex.

Unfortunately, despite all the talent, expense, and hard work it took for you to gain your professional license, all it takes is just one mistake to put your license in jeopardy. Even falls allegations can put you at risk of losing your professional license and hurting, or even ushering the end of your career if they are believed by the relevant board as well as the court.

What Happens When a Licensing Board Initiates an Investigation?

A state board or agency that has authority over your professional license has the power to initiate an investigation if they suspect that you have violated the law or standards of conduct in your profession. The investigations may lead to a fine and/or a citation or to the filing of a formal accusation. A record of such actions would be posted publicly, which can potentially affect your ability to acquire new clients in the future.

San Diego Criminal springs into action immediately while the investigation is underway to help prevent an accusation or citation from being filed. We can also give you proper, timely advice to ensure that you don’t incriminate yourself accidentally or take a position that needlessly limits the defense strategies available to you down the road.

How Do You Defend Your Professional License Against a Formal Accusation?

You should immediately contact us for help if you have received a formal accusation that has been filed against you that’s likely to lead to professional discipline measures or even the revocation of your professional license. Unless you act before the “time limit” that applies to your license runs out, you might end up losing your right to defend against the accusation.

A formal accusation presents the allegation that you were in violation of the law in a way that relates to your profession closely and may be filed after you have been convicted of a crime or apart from a separate criminal case

At San Diego Criminal, our experienced legal team doesn’t delay in filing a Notice of Defense, which gives you access to the evident used against you and come up with the most effective strategy for helping save your license.

We will try to show that the case against you is weak and have it dismissed, negotiate a better settlement, or move forward to the administrative hearing and fight to be acquitted depending on which approach represents your best interests.

During the administrative hearing, our legal team will apply its extensive knowledge of the unique approaches to weighing evidence and how decisions are reached at such hearings. We have many years of experience at successfully arguing for the defense at administrative hearings and know exactly how to expose the weaknesses in the case that has been brought against you and find evidence that exonerates you.

Can I Appeal a Decision Made by a State Licensing Agency?

If a state licensing agency takes disciplinary action against you, ignores your request, refuses to issue you a professional license, or revokes your license, you are often allowed to appeal the decision.

You must submit writes of mandamus as well as other very involved paperwork exactly as prescribed by law and within a limited time period following the decision that you are appealing to avail yourself of the opportunity to appeal. That would be a seemingly impossible task for a novice to accomplish, but the seasoned lawyers at San Diego Criminal can do it accurately and efficiently.

Should I Seek Defense on a Citation Issued by a State Licensing Agency?

Yes. If you have been fined or given a citation by a state agency for allegedly failing to comply with the law, you might be tempted to ignore it because the license is still secure. However, the reality is that citations go on your permanent record and can also form part of the basis for actions that are taken against you later.

Get in touch with us here at San Diego Criminal and you can be sure that we will not only act fast but also do everything possible to prevent citations or ensure that they are removed from your record.

Is It Possible to Get a Suspension by a State Licensing Agency Overturned?

Defeating requests for an Interim Suspension Order (ISO) to be filed against you is another area of our expertise. An ISO will sometimes be issued while a criminal case in California court or an agency investigation is in process.

It is, however, usually possible to get such interim suspensions removed so that you can continue practicing uninterrupted and later fight to prevent a revocation at the administrative hearing.

What Should I Do If My License is Denied?

San Diego Criminal can also help you overcome or prevent denials of your application for either the application for a new professional license or the renewal of your existing one.

We are sometimes able to solve the problem for you by just gathering more concrete information proving that you are actually eligible for the license or correct any technical issues that could be preventing its speedy approval.

If your application for a license has been turned down already, we will investigate the Statement of Issues that has been filed against you and find ways of clarifying or challenging those issues one after the other until the license application is approved.

How Can I Get My Professional License Reinstated?

If you have lost your professional license already because of administrative actions, the lawyers at San Diego Criminal will help you through the process of reinstating your license.

Alternatively, we can petition to have disciplinary actions taken against you modified to lower the penalty. The petitions for penalty reductions and license reinstatement have very strict time limits, which is why you need to act fast.

However, you shouldn’t assume that losing the license must be final. It is usually possible to get your professional license reinstated if you know how to file the proper paperwork in time and fight any legal hurdles that may come up in the process, San Diego Criminal understands how such matters work and can help you get your license reinstated if legally possible.

What Types of California Professional License Defense Cases are Handled by San Diego Criminal?

Our Professional License Defense Attorneys at San Diego Criminal handle the following types of cases:

  • Medical Board License Defense
  • Optometry Board License Defense
  • Occupational Therapy License Defense
  • Dentist Board License Defense
  • Psychology Board License Defense
  • Podiatrist Board License Defense
  • Surgeon or Physician Board License Defense
  • Physical Therapist License Defense
  • Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician and Board License Defense
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Paramedic Board License Defense
  • Nursing Board License Defense
  • Osteopathic Board License Defense
  • Chiropractor Board License Defense
  • Acupuncturist Board License Defense
  • Psychiatric Technician or Vocational Nurse License Defense
  • Speech Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists Board License Defense
  • Respiratory Board License Defense
  • Veterinary Board License Defense
  • Real Estate Board License Defense
  • Landscape Architect Board License Defense
  • Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists Board License Defense
  • Certified Public Accountant Board License Defense
  • Contractor and General Contractor Board License Defense
  • Behavioral Science Board License Defense
  • Architect Board License Defense

Get in touch with a California Professional License Defense Lawyer at San Diego Criminal today for help!

San Diego Criminal fully understands exactly what’s at stake if your professional license is on the line and also fully understand the California Penal Code as it relates to such matters. We have a wealth of intricate knowledge of the licensing laws in California as well as all the laws that affect professional licenses, as well as complete familiarity with the inner workings of local court processes in California when it comes to such cases. Our expertise covers a wide range of professions and are always ready to help you when you need it.

Call us today at (619) 777-7171 for your free, no-obligation consultation with a skilled California license defense lawyer.

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