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Can a Minor Be Charged as an Adult in San Diego, California?

Charged as an Adult

Up until this year, any child aged 14 or older could be charged as an adult in California. However, the law changed recently and the age has now increased to 16 years old. Basically, the courts in California, under pressure from the public, determined that people under 16 years old can’t possibly be held to…

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What is the Difference Between Probation and Parole in San Diego?

Parole in San Diego

While the goal of the criminal justice system is to punish, it’s also important that we try to rehabilitate as many criminals as possible. Some offenders are considered so dangerous that prison is the really place they can be trusted. For other people, however, prison may not be the best place for them to learn…

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What are the Different Kinds of Warrants in San Diego?

Warrants in San Diego

As long as you have a valid license and insurance, you shouldn’t be all that afraid of being pulled over. The worst that can usually happen is you get a ticket and have to pay a fine. Of course, if you’re caught driving drunk, the consequences will be much worse. But most people get pulled…

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How Does Parole Work in California?

How Does Parole Work in California? | Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been convicted of a serious crime in San Diego, you’ll be facing actual jail time. Depending on the offense, you could end up spending a few months in the county jail. Or, if your crime is a felony, you may be a resident of the State penitentiary. It all depends on whether or…

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What are the Penalties for Sexual Battery in San Diego?

What are the Penalties for Sexual Battery in San Diego?

If you’ve been arrested and charged with sexual battery, you are facing some pretty serious penalties. As with most crimes, the penalties depend on the facts of your case. The more egregious your behavior, the worse the penalty will be. In order to appreciate the penalties that come with a sexual battery conviction, it’s important…

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What is the Current Status of the Death Penalty in California?

Image of an inmate facing the death penalty

Ask two people you know what their opinion on the death penalty is and you’ll probably get two different answers. There has always been a lot of debate on the topic in this country. There has been so much pressure over the years that 20 states have abolished the death penalty. Technically, the death penalty…

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Can the Prosecutor Use Proof of Your Past Crimes to Prove You’re Guilty?

Layer making sure that the prosecutor doesn't use past crimes against his client

If you’ve been charged with a crime in California, there are certain things that the prosecutor isn’t allowed to use as evidence like past crimes. For the most part, the State will find a way to get evidence admitted. However, there are certain rules of evidence that protect defendants in court. The reason this is…

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What are the Defenses to Statutory Rape in California?

San Diego rape defense lawyer.

If you’ve been charged with statutory rape in California, you’ll be facing some serious penalties. Regardless of whether your charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you’ll be facing fines and possible jail time. If you’re convicted of statutory rape, you’ll also be required to register as a sex offender in California. This can affect your…

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