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Charges for Online Crimes and Alleged Online Sex Crimes

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Online crimes, especially online sex crimes, are still something that everyone is trying to understand. The involved authorities may not know how to handle you, anything that they believe is evidence properly, or understand how to proceed. On a federal level, you may have federal authorities involved in the investigation but not face federal crimes. With these especially confusing charges for online crimes, you need someone that can pull apart the details and really dive into how the case should proceed. When you’re facing San Diego criminal charges, you need a local San Diego criminal defense attorney that’s willing to do the research and become exceptionally well-versed in internet crimes and charges.

What are Online Crimes?

Online crimes include any crime that is committed via the internet, basically any crime that wouldn’t be possible to commit the same way without the internet. Often internet crimes involve fraud, such as identity fraud, data fraud, theft, and even fraud, including cryptocurrency.

So how do sex crimes happen online, when it’s clear that there probably needs to be some physical contact of some kind? That’s not entirely the extent of sex crimes.

Are there Online Sex Crimes?

Yes, there are online sex crimes, and often, they come with a lot more evidence that your standard sex crime charges. One common example of an online sex crime would be the distribution of rape porn, where one party did not consent to the recording or destruction of the video.

Additionally, viewing (and not reporting) or paying for videos that involve sex crimes such as child sexual assault, rape, or similar can lead to charges for online sex crimes. Then there’s a lower level that often catches people off, guard. Luring, inducing, or making illicit requests of minors is also an online sex crime.

What it comes down to is that there are numerous ways to be charged with an online sex crime. In some situations, the event may have felt very innocent, or you may be mistaken and not involved in the situation at all.

What to Do If You’re Facing Charges for Online Sex Crimes

The very first thing to do for online sex crime charges is to get an attorney. These charges can make life difficult during the investigation, trial, and even afterward. Getting an attorney early on in the process can help you keep as much of your life as normal as possible.

Next, you’ll want to comply with police warrants and be transparent with your data. The data in your possession may have led to the charges, but it can also shed light on the context of a situation. Your data can prove guilt or innocence, so be sure that you’re forthcoming with information that will help you clear your name.

You may also move to show that the charges reflect levels of standard interaction rather than assault or a sex crime. For example, you may show that the exchange of racy photos was a consistent element of your relationship, not that it was harassment or cyberstalking.

Will It Mean You’ll Register as a Sex Offender?

With sex crimes, there is always the chance that you will be forever labeled as a sex offender on some level. In the worst situations, it does mean registering as a sex offender, which can including being restricted in where you choose to live, how close you can go to schools, and of course, informing the neighborhood of the status.

Even in cases where the sentencing is minimal, a person could still be sentenced to register as a sex offender. However, the goal, of course, is always to avoid that consequence. With the high volume of issues that come up in these cases, knowing that you could register as a sex offender afterward can send many people into a full panic. When it comes to online charges, there is a lot of a grey area.

Contact a Criminal Lawyer in San Diego

When you’re ready to contact some of the leading San Diego, California criminal law firms, call San Diego Criminal, where our experience and know-how can help you build a strong defense. Online crimes can be serious, but they are also new. It may be more than one authority over the investigation related to your charges, and you may feel overwhelmed with everyone involved.

Take a step back, get a defense team or attorney working on your case, and prepare yourself for a fight. With San Diego Criminal, you can work with those involved in your case to aim for the best possible outcome.

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