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Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista

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Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista 

If you are dealing with assault and battery charges in San Diego, knowing your rights is crucial. Your first consideration, whether residing in California or anywhere else, should be to hire the right legal help. 

An assault and battery defense lawyer in Chula Vista can evaluate your case and determine an effective course of action. This can spell the difference between a hopeless case and a successful defense. 

Although assault and battery are used interchangeably in Chula Vista, these two terms don’t mean the same thing. Assault refers to the attempt to injure another person. Battery, on the other hand, is the willful and unlawful use of force on another person. Depending on the nature of the assault or the severity of the battery, it can either be misdemeanor or felony. 

Given that assault and battery allegations can result in imprisonment or fine payments, you will need to act swiftly. 

Work with an assault and battery defense attorney in Chula Vista today without further delay. 

Consulting with an Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista

There are clear risks in foregoing legal assistance, whether in Chula Vista or anywhere else. Handling your case on your own can be less expensive, but the risks can be costlier in the long run. 

For example, not everyone is updated on present state laws and federal rulings on assault or battery. The legal process concerning pre-trial motions and appeals can be difficult to navigate as well. The failure to observe filing deadlines can also hurt your case in more ways than one. 

This is why the help of an assault and battery defense lawyer in Chula Vista is indispensable. A lawyer based in California specializes in both local and federal laws in relation to the case at hand. Moreover, an assault and battery defense attorney in Chula Vista can help ensure the carrying out of proper procedures. And even with tons of evidence against you, your lawyer can work out a good strategy. This can result in your charges being dropped or your sentencing reduced accordingly. In fact, an assault and battery defense lawyer in Chula Vista can help your case avoid trial altogether. 

Possible Defenses to Assault and Battery Charges in Chula Vista 

Although assault and battery accusations can turn into convictions, there are still many possible defenses to such allegations. Whether you have a case in Chula Vista or anywhere in the San Diego area, one clear priority should stand. You need the help of committed assault and battery defense attorney. 

Some defenses which an assault and battery defense lawyer in Chula Vista can look into for your case are: 

  • Self-defense 

Self-defense is a typical defense against accusations of assault and battery. If someone was trying to assault you first, you may have felt the need to defend yourself against them. 

  • Defense of others 

Another possible justification for assault and battery is when you’re doing so in defense of someone else. Perhaps you were only trying to protect your child from a suspected abuser or criminal. 

  • Defense of property

One possible scenario in this defense is if you caught someone vandalizing your property or stealing someone from you. You may have attempted to assault this person in defense of your property. 

  • Lack of ability in carrying out the alleged act

Another possible defense is to reason out that you have no ability whatsoever in executing the assault or battery. You may counter, for instance, that given your physical stature you cannot possibly hurt a tall and bulky individual. Or, you may cite other physical limitations that could hinder you from doing the act. 

  • Consent 

If the other person has consented to the act, then this may serve as a possible defense in this case. 

Qualities to Look for in an Assault and Battery Defense Attorney in Chula Vista 

Not all defense lawyers, unfortunately, will have your best interests as their priority. This is why choosing an assault and battery defense attorney who will sincerely help is vital. 

Some of the qualities to look into when hiring an assault and battery defense attorney are:

  • Updated knowledge of working laws

Assault and battery laws can differ from one locale or state to the next. Moreover, these laws can change or be updated on a regular basis. When dealing with charges in Chula Vista, for instance, you need someone who knows how California criminal laws work. 

  • Commitment 

Your assault and battery defense attorney in Chula Vista should be willing to exhaust all legal options possible. If charges cannot be dropped, your lawyer can still fight for a reduced sentence or penalty. As new evidence comes up, moreover, your lawyer should be ready to evaluate them as needed. 

  • Assertiveness

Since you are working out a defense, the right degree of assertiveness is often called for. As much as possible, choose a lawyer who can be forceful when necessary. Seek out recommendations from others. Rely on an attorney who can be depended upon when the going gets rough. 

  • Sincere desire to help

It pays to have a compassionate and sincere assault and battery defense attorney in Chula Vista. When you’re being accused of something you know you did not do, you will need the best legal help possible. More than just legal expertise, however, you will also need compassion. Your lawyer has to ensure your access to a just, fair, and speedy trial, if and when necessary. 

Consult with SDC Defense Lawyers to Find the Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista You Can Trust 

Dealing with a criminal accusation, such as assault and battery, can be emotionally, physically, and mentally overwhelming. 

If you or someone you love is dealing with such allegations in Chula Vista, you can find crucial legal help. It is important that you speak to a trusted assault and battery defense attorney in Chula Vista right away. 

At SDC Defense Lawyers, you can find the attorney who will advocate for you and your rights. Get started on your assault and battery defense as early as now. Talk to one of our assault and battery defense lawyers in Chula Vista without delay.

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