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When you are accused or charged with a crime in Chula Vista, grave and life-altering consequences can follow.  You may end up in prison for long years or serve a sentence for life. In addition to imprisonment, you may also have to pay fines. There are also collateral consequences to a criminal conviction, whether in Chula Vista or anywhere else. Not only will you be possibly stripped of your licenses, but you may also lose eligibility for government assistance. At this point, you will a Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer.

All of these paint a grim picture, especially if you have been charged with a crime you did not commit. To get started on your defense, you will need a competent and aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Chula Vista.  Legal self-representation, while potentially less expensive, is not necessarily a prudent decision to make. Anyone convicted of a crime will have to face complex laws and filing procedures. Whether you’re dealing with charges of sexual assault, DUI, domestic violence, or murder, the risks are the same. You could end up in prison, lose your career and professional license, or not be allowed to vote. 

To improve your chances of having your case dismissed, you need prompt and committed legal representation. You will need the help of a Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista can help ensure that your rights are upheld even with charges against you. Your lawyer, furthermore, can pursue an independent investigation to ascertain the veracity of any prosecutorial evidence in Chula Vista, California. These distinct advantages will be available to you only when you work with a trusted Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer. 

Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer.

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Types of Cases a Chula Vista Criminal Defense Lawyer Handles

With us, you are assured of criminal defense lawyers who can effectively navigate the complex terrain of criminal cases. 

Our criminal defense attorneys in Chula Vista are capable of handling strategic defenses to even the most complicated criminal charges. These cases may involve but are not limited to the following: DUI, domestic violence, assault/battery, sexual assault, and murder. 

In each of these cases, a criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista can provide you with proper and reliable representation. This means that your lawyer will be the one to argue on your behalf in court. A Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer can also cross-examine witnesses presented by the prosecuting party. An attorney can also help you cope with the emotional and mental anguish that comes with a criminal allegation. 

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers handles the following Chula Vista cases and more: 

Assault and Battery

While commonly used interchangeably, assault and battery mean differently. Assault is essentially the attempt to injure or hurt another. With assault charges in Chula Vista, an actual injury need not have taken place. Battery, on the other hand, involves the use of force to injure another person. Both assault and battery may be classified as a simple misdemeanor or as a felony. As the defendant, you may be compelled to pay fines or serve jail time. 

There are various possible defenses that a criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista can employ as a strategy, however. Some of these include consent, self-defense, defense of others, and physical inability. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to violent, injurious acts that hurt individuals in domestic settings, such as within a marriage or relationship. It may involve spouses, former spouses, ex-partners who share a child, a dating partner, or those sharing a home. A domestic violence conviction in Chula Vista can lead to both imprisonment and payment of fines. 

What a Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer can do is see whether you are the victim of false violence allegations. It is not uncommon for supposed victims to falsely accuse another individual of domestic violence. Other defenses available include illegal arrest, self-defense, and defense of others. 


DUI charges are imposed on individuals manning a motor vehicle while intoxicated, specifically with a BAC of 0.08% or higher. In California, including Chula Vista, it is also illegal for you to drive if you have taken illegal drugs. Even more strictly, the consumption of prescription medication already prohibits you to drive anywhere in the state. 

Depending on the specific DUI penalty, you may be facing jail time, license suspension, community service, and fines, among others. A criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista, however, can help with one or a few defense strategies. Some of these include improper administration of sobriety tests, non-intoxication, and accidental intoxication, among others. 

Murder Defense

Murder can be first-degree or second-degree, with first-degree murder carrying graver consequences between the two. First-degree murder refers to serious crimes committed with prior intent and deliberation. Second-degree murder still involves the unlawful killing of another, but without any proof of premeditation. 

A Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer can help in classifying murder charges as second-degree instead of first-degree. Your lawyer in Chula Vista can also help with possible defenses such as self-defense, lack of premeditation, or mental incapacity. Murder is a serious criminal offense, with sentences reaching anywhere from 25 years to life imprisonment. 

Sexual Assault Defense 

Sexual assault refers to the unlawful or nonconsensual touching of another’s intimate parts. Although sometimes confused with rape, sexual assault doesn’t have to involve non-consensual intercourse. A conviction may carry both imprisonment and fine responsibilities, depending on whether it is judged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Jail time can be anywhere from six months to four years. Fine payments, moreover, can be as high as $10,000. Some possible defenses through a criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista are innocence, consent, and mental capacity. 

Contact a Skilled Chula Vista Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Whether you’re struggling with a misdemeanor DUI or a first-degree murder charge, the help of a lawyer is indispensable. The legal experience of a criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista can prove helpful especially in crafting a solid defense. When dealing with a criminal offense, you are not only up against the civil laws of the state. You are, more importantly, facing the government for your alleged crimes. Given the myriad of defense strategies available to various criminal charges, conviction should be your last resort. You face better chances at case dismissal or sentence reduction when you rely on a Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer. 

Other than helping you strengthen your defense, you can also depend on your attorney in Chula Vista for many things. One of these is to provide you with updated knowledge of California state laws. Your attorney can also help ensure that you follow proper filing procedures and deadlines at all times. At San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers, you are assured of all these and more. We understand the time, effort, and resources it takes to craft an effective defense for your case in Chula Vista.

This is why we have Chula Vista criminal defense lawyers who can work on specific criminal cases in the area. You have the right to a just, fair, and committed legal representation. Contact a criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista at San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers today. Call us at (619) 777-7171!

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