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Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista

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Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista 

One of the most challenging criminal accusations which you may have to deal with in California is domestic violence. As in other states, the laws on domestic violence in California may heavily be in favor of the accuser. 

Whether the allegations are true or not, getting out of false accusations in Chula Vista can be tough. If you’re facing false domestic violence accusations, seek out a competent domestic violence defense lawyer in Chula Vista immediately. 

Unfortunately, false allegations of domestic violence can happen anywhere, not just in Chula Vista. In addition to physical battery, domestic violence can also come in the form of psychological abuse and threats. These can be a challenge to prove or disprove. 

To craft a good defense, you will need the reliable help of a domestic violence defense attorney in Chula Vista. 

Consulting with a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista 

There is nothing simple about accusations of domestic violence, especially where the allegations are completely unfounded or false. This is why anyone who is being charged with domestic violence will do best to consult with a legal specialist. 

Not all laws on domestic abuse or battery are the same among various states, moreover. A domestic violence defense lawyer in Chula Vista can look into applicable laws in the jurisdiction of the alleged violence. 

False accusations mean that the judicial system is investing unnecessary time, effort, and expenses on your behalf. More than these adverse consequences, however, the effect on you may even be worse. False criminal allegations can severely damage your reputation. Defending yourself can eat up your financial resources swiftly. These unfounded accusations may even cost you your present and future employment in Chula Vista.

You may be tempted to go through a domestic violence defense on your own to save on legal fees. However, the risks are too huge for you to even make an attempt. 

To obtain proper legal help, work with a domestic violence defense attorney in Chula Vista whom you can trust. 

Possible Defenses to Domestic Violence Charges in Chula Vista 

A domestic violence defense lawyer in Chula Vista will start by evaluating the facts of your case. Depending on the nature of your case, there are potential defenses to a charge of domestic abuse. Some of these defense strategies are the following: 

  • Self-defense 

As the accused party in allegations of domestic violence, you may reason that the act was done in self-defense. A domestic violence defense attorney in Chula Vista can collect helpful evidence to prove the necessity of your actions. 

  • Defense of others

The potentially violent act may have been done to restrain a spouse or partner from hurting others within the home. 

  • False accusation 

Given the commonplace nature of false accusations, it’s possible that no physical or emotional abuse took place at all. A good domestic violence defense attorney in Chula Vista can help establish the motive for such untruthful allegations. Some possibilities may include seeking revenge or playing the role of victim. 

  • Illegal seizure or detainment 

Although not directly related to disproving the charges, unlawful arrest procedures can also get charges thrown out. More specifically, they can lead to uncovering possible police abuses or any manipulative acts on the part of the accuser. 

Without a domestic violence defense attorney in Chula Vista, defending yourself against irregularities and abuses can be tough. What your lawyer can do is study your case and strategize on a defense. A defense lawyer can also ensure that your rights are always upheld even in the face of criminal charges. 

Domestic violence, moreover, is not limited only to married individuals. Violent acts can take place between other members of the same household, such as a parent and a child. It can also occur between an adult and an elderly relative or between unmarried parents of a child or children. 

From a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Chula Vista: Reasons for False Accusations 

It may also be helpful to view things from the standpoint of a false accuser of domestic abuse. What may be their reasons for doing so, whether in Chula Vista or anywhere else? 

There are cases of domestic violence allegations where the motives of the accuser include

  • Seeking sole custody of the children 

By pinning a criminal act on the accused, the accuser could win the court’s favor in terms of custody. Gaining sole and exclusive custody of children is one of the reasons why a parent could make false accusations of violence. A domestic violence defense lawyer can look into this possible motive to establish the culpability of the other party. 

  • Seeking out sympathy from others

Some individuals in Chula Vista may want to present themselves as vulnerable parties in their relationships. For some, there may be an innate desire to seek attention and sympathy from others. This decision to play victim may also be the desire to justify their own wrongful acts. 

  • Seeking a bigger share of the divorce settlement 

Many couples dealing with domestic abuse cases are also going through divorce settlement discussions. It’s not impossible for a false accuser to fabricate stories for the sake of a more favorable settlement outcome. What a domestic violence defense attorney can do is to conduct an investigation and secure helpful evidence for the case. 

Clearly, there are laws put in place to discourage violent acts, assault, and battery within the home. Anyone found guilty of such criminal acts should face the harsh penalty of the law. 

However, a person who stands falsely accused of domestic violence could lose more than just his reputation. If you have been dealing with such unfounded accusations, consult with a legal professional straight away. 

Consult with SDC Defense Lawyers to Find the Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista You Can Trust

Fortunately, a good domestic violence defense lawyer in Chula Vista can help you take a step in a positive direction. With defense strategies available against domestic violence accusations, you don’t have to give up on your future just yet. 

We have the domestic violence defense attorney in Chula Vista who can start working on your case for you. Talk to us at SDC Defense Lawyers today.

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