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The Need for a Committed DUI Attorney in Chula Vista

A DUI offense in California, specifically in Chula Vista, can carry severe consequences. Depending on the type of offense, you could serve jail time, pay fines, or render community service, among other punishments. In Chula Vista, your driver’s license or professional license may be restricted or revoked. One of the worst effects is that a DUI offense can remain in your record for 10 years. 

Whether or not your DUI offense has any basis, you need to seek out reliable legal help. There are various defenses applicable to a DUI case in Chula Vista. Some of these defenses include questionable chemical test procedures, police irregularities, and medicinal side-effects. 

With the help of a DUI attorney in Chula Vista, you can study and exhaust all possible legal defense options. This, in turn, improves your chances of a dismissed case or reduced sentencing, at the least. 

From a DUI Attorney in Chula Vista: Possible DUI Charges Defenses

According to statistics, more than a million individuals are arrested yearly in the U.S. for DUI charges. DUI refers to the irresponsible act of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any impairing substance. 

While DUI is clearly risky and life-threatening, not all arrests can be considered lawful. In many cases, there are factors that can result in the charges being dismissed.

A Chula Vista DUI lawyer can look into these possible defenses when evaluating your case: 

  • Improper Administration of Sobriety or Chemical Tests

In any DUI charge, there is always the possibility of inaccurately administered sobriety tests. One possible DUI defense, therefore, is to reason that the police officers failed to conduct the tests properly. One of these frequently questioned tests is the HGN or horizontal gaze nystagmus test. 

  • Lack of Justifiable Cause in Stopping the Vehicle 

Another defense to a DUI is to counter that the police officer did not have cause to stop the vehicle. Usually, an officer will stop a vehicle that has been speeding, swerving, or moving at a slower pace than normal. All of these behaviors could indicate driving under the influence or while impaired. If the police, however, did not have any cause for stopping the vehicle, their motivation can be put into question. 

  • Questionable Police Actions 

In addition to not having any cause to stop the vehicle, the police officers may be guilty of impropriety. Perhaps the police officer acted in violation of the rights of the accused driver. Or, he failed to exercise truthfulness in his written report. All of these things may serve as defenses to a DUI allegation. 

  • Accidental Intoxication 

A Chula Vista DUI lawyer may also inform you that there can be such a thing as accidental intoxication. Perhaps you didn’t know there was alcohol in your drink during a dinner or after-party. Although it was not your intent to drink and drive, you inadvertently imbibed alcohol and operated your vehicle afterward. 

  • Non-Intoxication 

Non-intoxication can also be a straightforward defense in a DUI offense charge. You may assert that you were not, in fact, intoxicated or inebriated while manning the vehicle. This could open up some possibilities as to the questionable administration of tests or the inaccuracy of test results. 

There are many other possible defenses to a DUI charge. They include police officer entrapment and mistaken identity. If you have reason to believe that the charges against you are false or unfair, you have to act swiftly. You need the counsel of a Chula Vista DUI lawyer immediately. 

Qualities to Look for in a Chula Vista DUI Lawyer

When it comes to choosing a DUI attorney in Chula Vista, it pays to do some research beforehand. Unfortunately, not all San Diego defense lawyers are created equal. Certain qualities are indispensable in a legal counsel, especially in dealing with a DUI case. 

The following qualities in a Chula Vista DUI lawyer are crucial: 

  • Ability and Availability 

From initial consultation to pre-trial motions and settlement discussions, your DUI attorney in Chula Vista has to be available. It is the job of your lawyer to represent you in court, when necessary. Not only should your attorney be available when needed, but he should also be experienced with DUI cases in Chula Vista. 

  • Communication Skills 

It is important for a Chula Vista DUI lawyer to be communicative and even eloquent as the need arises. Your lawyer must be able to sway the judge or other parties in your favor. Just as importantly, your DUI attorney in Chula Vista should be in constant communication with you throughout your case.

  • Updated Knowledge of Local DUI Laws 

Like many other laws governing criminal acts, DUI laws may differ from one locality or state to the next. While some people may opt to hire out-of-state lawyers for their cases, there are a few risks to this. It’s possible, for instance, for a lawyer operating outside of California to lack updates on recent law changes. With a DUI attorney in Chula Vista, however, you know you’re working with someone fully knowledgeable about state laws. 

  • Investigative Abilities 

A committed Chula Vista DUI lawyer will not be deterred by evidence coming from the prosecution or the other party. Instead, your attorney should be willing to conduct his or her own investigation into your case. With various reasons linked to faulty DUI charges, it’s important to work with a lawyer who’s willing to investigate further. 

Consult with SDC Defense Lawyers to Find the DUI Attorney in Chula Vista You Can Trust

Although DUI charges can have drastic consequences on your driving record and even career opportunities, something can still be done. 

The first thing you need to do in Chula Vista is to speak to a trusted attorney. A Chula Vista DUI lawyer can be your most important ally in this difficult time. 

Here at SDC Defense Lawyers, we have the DUI attorney in Chula Vista you can trust. Get in touch with us so you can get started on your DUI defense as early as possible.

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