Murder Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista

Murder Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista

To be accused of murder in Chula Vista, or anywhere, is to endanger your future, reputation, and even your life. In California, first-degree murder can send you anywhere from 25 years of jail time to life imprisonment. And although the death penalty is presently suspended, there’s no telling when your life could be on the line. You could be the next up for execution, should future law changes in Chula Vista take effect. 

This is why the counsel, representation, and help of a murder defense lawyer in Chula Vista are important. Despite the enormity of a possible murder charge, defenses are nevertheless available in your search for justice. 

With a murder defense attorney in Chula Vista, a murder accusation doesn’t have to result in irreversible conviction. 

What Can a Murder Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista Do For You? 

Murder is one of the most serious types of criminal offense, whether in Chula Vista or beyond. If you have been accused of murder, whether in the first or second degree, legal help and representation are crucial. The following are a few of the important things which a murder defense lawyer in Chula Vista can do: 

  • Evaluate the facts of your case from the very outset. 

The immense seriousness of a murder charge merits the most experienced legal help possible in Chula Vista or beyond. A murder defense attorney in Chula Vista will evaluate whether there is preponderance of evidence to a first-degree murder charge. Your lawyer will also determine whether there has been malice in the act, or whether this can be proved. All of these things and more will have to be evaluated by your murder defense lawyer in Chula Vista. 

  • Pursue an independent investigation on the case. 

A murder defense attorney in Chula Vista can carry out a separate investigation to help the case. This investigation is done to find the best possible means at helping the accused secure an acquittal. A typical, independent investigation may include interviewing eyewitnesses and evaluating the prosecution’s case to identify weak areas or loopholes. 

  • Participate in jury selection 

It’s possible for a murder defense lawyer in Chula Vista to have a hand in choosing the jury members. Since the jury can heavily influence the final verdict, the participation of your lawyer is highly crucial. 

  • Plea bargaining efforts 

Plea bargaining is done to negotiate present charges and to mitigate the harsh punishments in connection to the crime. Foregoing the help of a murder defense attorney in Chula Vista can place any effort at plea bargaining at risk. 

  • Identify possible defenses to your murder charges in Chula Vista. 

Despite the immensity of a murder charge, there are many defenses which you and your lawyer can employ as strategy. These defenses, nonetheless, require ample proof and evidence. This is where the expertise and commitment of your murder defense lawyer in Chula Vista becomes highly important.  

Possible Defenses to Murder Charges in Chula Vista 

A lawyer can look into these potential defenses when crafting a strategy against the prosecution. Some of the defenses applicable to first-degree murder charges are: 

  • Self-defense

A murder defense attorney in Chula Vista can help you prove that your actions were carried out in self-defense. One crucial factor in this kind of defense, however, is proving the perceived threat. Moreover, there is a need to prove that it was not you who prompted the hostile situation first. 

  • In defense of another person 

Another defense to a murder charge is to claim that your actions were necessary to defend the life of another. Again, it is necessary to establish the threat to the person and any justification as to the defense. 

  • Lack of premeditation 

Your lawyer may also argue on the lack of any willful and deliberate intent in carrying out the murderous deed. This can be especially effective on charges of first-degree murder. The burden of proof falls on the part of the prosecuting party, not on you. 

  • Lack of mental capacity 

This is also termed as the insanity defense. One caveat, however, is that not all states may treat the same insanity defense in the same way. The prosecution will have to administer certain tests in order to ascertain such a defense. A murder defense attorney in Chula Vista can help in proving that you did not understand the committed act. 

  • Exercise of duty in Chula Vista 

Another possible defense to a murder charge is when the act was done in the exercise of duty. One example is for a police officer to have killed a fleeing suspect or bystander without any malice or intent. 

Qualities to Look for in a Murder Defense Attorney in Chula Vista 

There are important qualities to look for in a defense lawyer, especially if you’re dealing with a murder charge. It also helps to look for recommendations, as these can be helpful in your search for a committed attorney. 

Some of the important factors for consideration are the following: 

  • Updated knowledge of state and federal laws
  • Courtroom abilities
  • Plea bargaining experience
  • Investigative skills 
  • Commitment 
  • Compassion 

Although there are various defense lawyers working throughout the San Diego area, not all of them are created equal. Who you need, ultimately, is someone who will value your case in the same way that you do. 

Consult with SDC Defense Lawyers to Find the Murder Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista You Can Trust

To be charged with murder is to possibly face the gravest of consequences in terms of jail-time and fine payments. If you have been accused of murder, all is not yet lost. Your best chances come with the help of a murder defense lawyer in Chula Vista.  

Here at SDC Defense Lawyers, we have committed and competent defense attorneys who can work on your case without delay. Don’t waste another hour on someone who is not willing to advocate for you throughout the way. Contact us today to speak with a murder defense attorney in Chula Vista.