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Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista

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Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista 

Sexual assault crimes in California are governed by the sexual assault and sexual battery laws in the state. This includes crimes and charges that take place in Chula Vista, San Diego, California. 

A sexual assault conviction in the state can result in at least 24 months of imprisonment, depending on its severity. Furthermore, the court may compel you to pay as much as $100,000 in fines. Given the gravity of such consequences, you should not think twice in getting proper legal representation. 

To improve chances at case dismissal or lighter sentencing, you will need a sexual assault defense lawyer in Chula Vista. A criminal record can affect your personal life, including your employment opportunities. It is also not uncommon for convicted felons to have their government assistance applications denied. Given these grim possibilities, the odds could be stacked against you. 

It is crucial that you seek the help of a sexual assault defense attorney in Chula Vista right away. 

Consulting with a Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista

The possibility of foregoing legal fees can tempt you to represent yourself in court, instead of hiring a lawyer. However, there are clear risks in doing so, whether in Chula Vista or anywhere else in San Diego. One risk is the immense difficulty in dealing with state and federal laws on your own. Laws from the local to the national levels can change or become updated without your prior knowledge, so without a lawyer to stand by you, you could possibly incriminate yourself within an already complex case. 

This is why it’s highly important that you rely only on a committed sexual assault defense attorney in Chula Vista. The complexity in the filing of required procedures and paperwork for a criminal defense can be a challenge, moreover. Missing a deadline can forfeit your chances, and a missing piece of document can lead to more hurdles. A sexual assault defense lawyer in Chula Vista can help ensure that you follow procedures and requirements at all times. 

When you work with sexual assault defense attorneys in Chula Vista, moreover, you are also taking advantage of their experience. These lawyers can be highly experienced both in and out of the courts. They may have invaluable connections with prosecutors and other authorities in the Chula Vista legal arena. If you are currently facing a possible misdemeanor or felony, these links and influences can affect your case positively. 

Finally, a sexual assault defense lawyer in Chula Vista can help you mount a strong defense against sexual assault accusations. When you’re battling a criminal case, you are essentially facing the government in answer of your crimes in Chula Vista. In a civil lawsuit, you’re up against a private entity. In a criminal case, however, you are dealing with the state or the federal government as the other party. This can be more complex and challenging. 

Thus, you will need someone who has the experience, knowledge, and commitment to help you get a lower sentencing on your charges. As much as possible you need to hire a competent and dependable sexual assault defense attorney in Chula Vista. 

Possible Defenses to Sexual Assault Charges in Chula Vista 

According to sexual assault laws of Chula Vista, California, sexual assault refers to the unpermitted touching of another’s intimate parts. Per definition, these intimate parts refer to the sex organs, buttocks/anus, groin area, and the female breasts. It is differentiated from rape in that rape involves nonconsensual intercourse. 

Not all sexual assault cases, however, are the same. There are certain charges for which there are strong defenses available as a strategy. A sexual assault defense lawyer in Chula Vista can evaluate whether the following defenses are applicable with your case: 

  • Misidentification 

A sexual assault defense attorney in Chula Vista can argue that you were not the perpetrator of the assault. Specifically, you can counter the assault allegation through solid proof or evidence. It can be possible for the victim — especially in dimly-lit settings — to have identified you for someone else. 

  • Innocence

Another defense to sexual assault charges in Chula Vista is innocence. Simply put, you are innocent of the crime being pinned unto you. You can provide evidence, for example, that you were not in the crime scene when the assault occurred. 

  • Consent

One common defense to assault charges is consent by the aggrieved party. This means that the defendant admits to having committed the act, only that the other party has given his/her consent. However, proving consent can be a tricky path to tread. A sexual assault defense lawyer in Chula Vista can help in establishing proof of this consent. One possible means is to look at the complainant’s history of promiscuity. 

  • Mental incapacity 

It is also possible for any defendant to counter sexual assault charges with a mental incapacity defense. However, the defendant should be able to prove in court their mental incapacity at the time of the crime.  This means that they have no capacity at understanding the consequences of their actions.  A sexual assault defense attorney can help a mentally-challenged individual who has been charged with sexual assault or battery. 

Although sexual assault charges can be difficult to extricate from, a good lawyer can help you take the first step. 

To get started on your defense, work with a sexual assault defense attorney in Chula Vista today. 

Consult with SDC Defense Lawyers to Find the Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista You Can Trust

If you are currently dealing with sexual assault charges in San Diego, you need to act fast. A sexual assault conviction in Chula Vista can have negative repercussions on your personal and professional life. 

Here at SDC Defense Lawyers, we have reliable sexual assault defense lawyers in Chula Vista. Our lawyers can help you get a solid footing on your sexual assault defense, regardless of its nature and gravity. 

A good, strategic defense starts with having the right legal representative beside you. Talk to us at SDC Defense Lawyers to hire a competent sexual assault defense attorney in Chula Vista.

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