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Cuban Woman Escaped A Kidnapping Attempt

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A Cuban woman was saved by Border Patrol officers when she escaped a kidnapping attempt. The woman who lives in Mexico, says she was lucky Border Patrol officers helped her.

The woman was petrified when the kidnappers forced her to get in their car. They told her to lie down in the back of the car, pressing her head with their feet and threatening with a knife under her throat.

The kidnappers drove for an hour and took her out of the vehicle in a place she could not recognize. They asked her if she had money and relatives who live in the USA. The woman denied and started crying for help. One of the kidnappers tried to choke her with her jacket.

Another man with a gun (but was not part of the kidnappers’ group) appeared and fired several shots in the air. It scared the kidnappers, so the woman used the situation and managed to escape.

She was running uphill and noticed a white truck and started waving her arms. Luckily for the woman, the vehicle belonged to Border Patrol.

The Cuban woman stated that the officers saved her life. But this was not the end of the saga. The kidnap and the saving took part while the woman was on her way to meet an immigration attorney. Her husband has both Mexican and American citizenship. Both met when he traveled through Cuba. The woman moved to Tijuana with him, where they live with their daughters, who also hold dual citizenship.

The woman’s trouble started because although she was about to seek USA immigration status, according to the “Remain in Mexico” program, she must to go back and face immigration bureaucracy once again. She fears for her life after the kidnapping.

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