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DEA Arrests 5 People Arrested in Connection with Fentanyl Overdose

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Five people were arrested in connection to Fentanyl overdose; the police confiscated several ounces of fentanyl powder, San Diego DEA agents confirmed.

Three of the five suspects were arrested on Monday at the California Suites Hotel. They were staying in a room on the second floor where DEA agents found and confiscated the suspected fentanyl powder.

Fentanyl is a dangerous substance; it is about 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine, informed the DEA.  The room where the powder was found was considered uninhabitable by a hazmat team. The room will have to be thoroughly cleaned before it can be used again, the agents confirmed.

Besides the suspected fentanyl, agents confiscated several bags of other evidence.

The hotel employees informed that there were no evacuations during the police search.

One of the hotel employees informed that the three people arrested were staying in the room for two nights.

The two other arrested people connected with this case were taken into custody at an undisclosed location.

There were no other details of the overdose death shared with the public.

The DEA will not always hunt and arrest suspects that are believed to be involved in drug trafficking or use. In most cases, the local police will make drug arrests, and the defendants will be charged with a drug crime by state and federal laws. Any drug crime is considered a state and federal crime.

Even if you smoked or had marijuana at the wrong place and the wrong time, it can lead to your arrest (sometimes the penalty can be as harsh as twenty years in jail; it depends on how much of marijuana you had with you at the moment).

A federal drug crime attorney is a must in cases like these.

Call our office today and schedule your consultation with a trusted federal drug crime attorney.


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