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What You Need To Know About Embarcadero, San Diego

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Embarcadero is an area next to the renowned San Diego Harbor. Found in San Diego, the region is strategically located on the eastern part of the well-known San Diego Bay. In Spanish, Embarcadero means the landing place. The area that it occupies is governed by San Diego Port, which is found in the larger Downtown San-Diego Columbian- District.
San Diego’s Embarcadero is the right place to go for anyone who wishes to have exciting and unforgettable memories. It is proof of the area’s colorful maritime history.
The region boasts of historic ships, world-renowned museums, cruise ship terminal, a large fishing harbor and numerous hotels, retail shops and beautiful restaurants as well. Additionally, it offers unforgettable harbor tours.
Embarcadero Circle
This is a mega re-development project that was undertaken in the Northern side. Found between Broadway and the renowned Harbor Drive, the ambitious mega project was completed towards the end of 2010.
Embarcadero Circle comprises of the following: an extensive cruise ship terminal, an impressive Manchester Grand Hyatt with forty floors, two hotels and a large concert venue as well.
The development is on the southern part of Navy Broadway Complex.
Arts and Culture
USS Medium Museum is one of the must-visit places in Embarcadero. The museum invites tourists aboard the longest serving aircraft in the history of United States of America.
A visit to the popular tourist attraction site will allow you to derive pleasure from viewing more than thirty artifacts. It has an exciting history that goes as far back as fifty years ago.
Maritime Museum-of-San Diego is another place that you must visit while in Embarcadero. The floating museum boasts of some of the world’s best collection of ancient ships. Star of India is a perfect example of what you’ll get to see when you visit Embarcadero, San Diego. The historic ship is more than a hundred and fifty years old.
Strategically located in an attractive waterfront park at the renowned G Street Mole is a beautiful collection of heritage artworks (done by the military) known as the Greatest- Generation -Collection.
If you travel to Embarcadero, do not leave without visiting the Museum-of- Contemporary- Art San Diego.
Notable events
San- Diego Bay Wine-and- Food Festival is an annual, three day wine and culinary festival that is usually held in November. It is typically the largest extravaganza in San Diego, and consists of various events held in different downtown venues.
Grand-Testing-Event usually marks the climax of the three day grand festival. Every year, it is held at Embarcadero Northern Park.
There are many other exciting events that are held in San Diego’s Embarcadero every year. They include
1. Summer- Pops Bayside- Summer Nights
2. San- Diego Bay- Parade- of Lights
3. Day at-the-Docks
4. Festival- of- Sail
5. Big- Bay- Boom Fourth of July
6. United States’ Sand- Sculpting- Challenge and Dimensional- Art Exposition
Activities that you can engage in
If you need a place to relax in the afternoons, then the perfect place is San-Diego County-Waterfront- Park. You can unwind on the beautiful lawns or allow your kids to play with other children on the spectacular playground.
San Diego happens to be among the fastest-growing ports on the United States’ Western Coast. It is home to Holland America and the well-known Carnival Cruise Lines. Additionally, San Diego is a debarkation port and embarkation port for the legendary Celebrity and Royal cruise ships.

In addition to the above, ships that dock in the area offer exhilarating itineraries, including the Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, Central America, Hawaiian Islands as well as the Pacific Coast.

Take CA-163 SExit 1BAsh St and Pacific Hwy to W E St

11 min (3.4 mi)

Head west on University Ave toward Vermont St

0.3 mi
0.1 mi
56 ft
1.1 mi
0.6 mi
0.2 mi
0.2 mi
0.6 mi
0.4 mi
Drive to Harbor Ln
47 s (0.1 mi)
Turn right onto W E St
Restricted usage road
253 ft
Turn left onto Harbor Ln
Restricted usage road

While you are in town don’t miss out on seeing the Chargers!

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