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Everything You Need To Know About the San Diego Chargers

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Football is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and this is no falsity for the city of San Diego. The San Diego Chargers have entertained adoring fans since 1961. They are a captivating team on and off the field- rich with adoring fans. They evolved from an opulent history into one of San Diego’s proudest commodities.

In 1960, the Los Angeles Chargers made their debut. The name didn’t stick, and a year later is 1961 they moved and became the San Diego Chargers.

They sport either navy blue, powder blue, or white uniforms adorned in yellow lightning bolts- hence the name Chargers. Although, they are often just referred to as The Bolts.

They’ve had some fantastic records throughout the years, and exquisite players that have since been inducted to the hall of fame.

Their most famous, and memorable, players include Dan Fouts, Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Shawne Merriman, and a slew more.

Attending a Charger game at the SDCCU stadium, formerly known as the Qualcomm, is always a day to remember. Bolts fans lovingly chant the teams’ song, San Diego Super Chargers, San Diego Chargers Charge! as they watch their team dominate the field.

They’ve been to the Super Bowl once in 1994 and played against the San Francisco 49ers, but to no avail. Fans eagerly await their next appearance in the championship game.

Philip Rivers Football Team

The San Diego Chargers long-time quarterback has a whole team of his own- his children. Nearly every season his wife gives birth to a new child. His grand total is now up to nine kids; ranging from ages 1-16.

His families’ Catholic background is believed to be the main reason for the lack of birth control. They’ve been very honest about their Natural Family Planning Methods that doesn’t include any form of contraception.

More Than Teammates

Manti Te’o taught D.J. Fluker how to swim. Te’o was very well-versed in the art of swimming due to his Hawaiian background. Fluker had a traumatizing incident in the pool at only four years old and never got over it until T’eo came into his life.

The Big Move

The San Diego Chargers were originally the Los Angeles Chargers. The Los Angeles Rams were favored much more than the Chargers- and that rivalry was tough to compete with. In 1961, the team moved to San Diego, and the ratings came with them.

They were welcomed with open arms in the southern city. They played at Balboa stadium for years until moving to SDCCU Stadium in 1967.

The Longest Charger

David Binn played for the San Diego Chargers for eighteen seasons, which quickly made him the longest contracted Charger player. He was a linebacker and long snapper from UC Berkeley. To claim the title of longest Charger, he had to surpass Junior Seau and Russ Washington with 200 games as a Charger.

If you’re looking for an exciting day of football, look no further. The San Diego Chargers passionate spirit and enrapturing gameplay make for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Everyone should take the time to check one out for themselves!

Get on CA-163 N
2 min (0.3 mi)
Head west on University Ave toward Vermont St
0.1 mi
Turn left onto 10th Ave
207 ft
Turn right to merge onto CA-163 N
0.1 mi
Continue on CA-163 N. Take I-8 E to Friars Rd. Take exit 7B from I-15 N
6 min (5.4 mi)
Merge onto CA-163 N
1.0 mi
Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 3A to merge onto I-8 E toward El Centro
3.1 mi
Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 8 to merge onto I-15 N
1.0 mi
Take exit 7B for Friars Rd W toward Qualcomm Stadium
0.3 mi
Continue on Friars Rd. Drive to Mission Village Dr
2 min (0.6 mi)
Merge onto Friars Rd
0.3 mi
Take the Mission Village Dr exit
0.2 mi
Sharp left onto Mission Village Dr

Don’t forget to visit the San Diego zoo!

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