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La Jolla Restaurant Owner Convicted on 20 Counts

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The restaurant owner from La Jolla was convicted of twenty felony counts related to sexually assaulting intoxicated or unconscious women for nine years. The jurors could not attain consensus on several other counts; they will continue deliberating after the holidays.

Sixty-one-year-old Daniel Dorado, who owns the Italian restaurant Voce Del Mare on La Jolla Boulevard in the Bird Rock area, faced charges for sexual assaults of eight women within the period from 2009 to 2018.

The trial lasted two weeks, and the deliberations took almost one week. Jurors convicted the man on the twenty counts and acquitted him of three counts related to one specific victim.

San Diego County Superior Court Judge declared a mistrial on six counts.

Dorado, who was out of jail on bail throughout the trial, was arrested and transported into prison after he was declared guilty on Friday.

He was meeting the victims (whose ages ranged from 22 to 58) at local bars and restaurants. He was inviting them to a job interview (for a position in his restaurant) or was using dating applications. Then he would offer them spiked drinks, which would knock the women unconscious. Later they would wake up in the middle of intercourse with him, or right after it.

In March 2018, Dorado was imprisoned on suspicion of assaults on four women. Once learning about his arrest, the rest of the victims came forward.

One of the victims told the investigators that she dated Dorado for several months. She stated that when she met him, she had drinks with him and got unusually quickly intoxicated. Later that night, she woke up in a hotel room naked, without memories of how she got there.

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