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Man Who Stabbed Two People on Thanksgiving Day, Now Faces Murder Charges

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Forrest Robert Brantley of Ventura County is accused of stabbing and killing fifty-five-year-old Robert Erbe. He stabbed Erbe in the neck on November 28th, outside a market in the 3100 blocks of Sports Arena Boulevard, Sand Diego Police informed.

Brantley faces charges for stabbing another man in the back and arm on Sports Arena Boulevard, six hours prior he attacked and killed Erbe, Deputy District Attorney Will Hopkins said.

According to the prosecutor, Brantley returned to the area and attacked Erbe, in front of a 7-Eleven store.

Deputy District Attorney Hopkins said that Brantley offered Erbe drugs in a bag, and then while he was looking in the bag, Brantley attacked him with a knife.

The victims asked Brantley why he stabbed him, and Brantley answered: “This is war.” He let the victim bleed out.

Brantley was arrested in Ventura on December 4th while walking close to the intersection of the 101 Freeway and state Route 33. The officers recognized him from fugitive-suspect alerts.

Several days before the stabbings, Brantley posted on social media that he is going to help homeless people. But, he intended to target homeless people as his victims.

Brantley is not a first-time offender. He has had a long history of problems with the law. Since 2000 he was arrested thirty-four times, Ventura Police Commander David Dickey informed.

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This conviction can lead you to many years in jail, but in some states, it even carries the death penalty.

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