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Being arrested for driving under influence or DUI can be very detrimental. That’s because it involves consequences that can have a bad impact on your life. These include losing driving privileges, jail time, increased insurance premiums, financial uncertainty, ignition interlock requirements, and even employment consequences. If you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI, it’s best to be smart and seek the assistance of Riverside DUI lawyers for the best legal representation.

DUI law is one of the most sophisticated areas in criminal law and in Riverside, California, it’s no exception. Defending a driving under influence calls for expertise in the law. Defending such a case successfully calls specifically for expertise in the scientific issues relating to alcohol breath and blood testing, drugs, and prescription medications as well as the procedures that entail DUI investigations.

Why Should I Hire a Riverside DUI Lawyer?

The most obvious reason is that a DUI attorney is trained in the law. A lawyer knows what it takes to handle a DUI case and the last thing you want to face jail time or punishment that will affect both your professional and personal life. For the best chance of winning the case, get in touch with San Diego Criminal lawyers and find out how you can get assistance.

Will a Riverside DUI Attorney Charge Me for an Initial Consultation?

Not at all. At San Diego Criminal, we operate at a no-obligation free consultation for the initial case consultation. In addition, we offer numerous payment plans with the aim of meeting the needs of our clients.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Riverside DUI Lawyer?

Our firm offers an array of financing options as well as payment methods and so, if you want to cover the cost with your credit card, it is possible. We know that being convicted for a DUI is an unforeseen and unfortunate thing and so, it’s only fair that we help with the payment arrangements, focusing on what works for most clients.

Why Should I Hire a DUI Attorney as Opposed to a Public Defender?

This is a question that many people ask during the initial consultation. There are many excellent public defenders, the problem is that they handle numerous cases across a wide array of crimes, as this is the nature of their job. More often than not, they won’t be prepared for the technical and scientific aspects of your DUI case. Not only that but a public defender won’t represent you at a DMV hearing or defend your driver’s license.

When facing tricky and potentially life-impacting repercussions of a DUI charge, it is important you have the best legal representation by hiring a competent lawyer who specializes in DUI. It’s imperative to make sure that your attorney is experienced, confident and have access to the resources needed to defend your case properly.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you need to prove you can’t afford an attorney in order to be assigned a public defender. When you’re assigned one, know that you will get the same defender as all other indigent defendants with cases that particular day. Your case will be one among many and so, you can be certain that it will not get the attention you really want. This is a risk that you don’t want to take when your driving privileges, reputation, and career are on the line. By hiring our lawyers, you can be certain that your case will get the attention it deserves and the team will work to ensure the best outcome possible.

What Should I Do if I’m Charged With a DUI in Riverside?

The first thing is to of course schedule an appointment with a reputable DUI lawyer to start your defense and contact the DMV to state the suspension of your license. It’s important to hire a lawyer who’s proactive as there is so much you can do between now and your first hearing. This is another reason why should not go for a public defender if you can afford to. Find a lawyer who will embark on your case as soon as possible.

What Happens After a DUI Arrest in Riverside?

After being arrested for DUI, the law enforcement will forward a copy of the notice of driver’s license suspension/ revocation form. They will ideally forward your driver’s license and a sworn report to the DMV. Next, the DMV will do an administrative assessment which includes examining the revocation order or license suspension, the officer’s report, and any breath, urine or blood test results.

If the license revocation or suspension is upheld, you can request a DMV hearing in order to contest the revocation or suspension. Ensure that you do this within ten days of receipt of the order. If the assessment shows that there’s no basis for revocation or suspension, then the action will be put aside and the DMV will notify you in writing.

If the California DMV Suspends My License Will I be Able to Drive?

If the California DMV suspends your license, you’ll have a 30-day hard suspension, where you are not allowed to get on the wheel. After this period, you are likely to get a restricted license, but only if you’ve met the required terms.

Will I Lose My License if I’m Charged With a DUI in Riverside?

No, however, it is imperative to take action as soon as possible. The California DMV gives a window of 10 days for you to request a hearing. More often than not, a lawyer will be able to help you keep your driving privileges. However, it’s ultimately up to DMV to decide whether your license should be suspended or not.

Can I Win My DMV Hearing If My BAC is Over .08 Percent?

Yes, but this will depend on how you defend your case. By using a reputable DUI attorney, your chances of winning will be higher as they know how to find opportunities and exploiting any weaknesses. There is more to a DMV hearing other than BAC.

Can I be Arrested and Charged with DUI if my BAC is Below .08 Percent?

If you were driving a car, any blood alcohol concentration level can possibly lead to a DUI arrest. At the end of the day, the law enforcement will have formed their opinion on whether you were under the influence based on their observations on your behavior and results of the field sobriety tests.

What Happens at My First Court Appearance?

The initial appearance at the court is known as ‘arraignment’. On this day, you’ll be asked to enter a plea, either plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. A complaint and the police report taken during your arrest will be presented. If you retain a reputable DUI attorney, he or she will already be working on your case.

Will I Be Required to Attend My First Court Appearance?

More often than not, you’re not required to make an appearance as long as you have retained a lawyer and your case is under misdemeanor. However, if you’ve been charged with felony DUI, you’re expected to attend. Either way, your lawyer will be present from day one.

Can I Be Charged With DUI if I Was Pulled Over for a Minor Traffic Violation?

Probable cause allows the law enforcement to pull you over if you’re observed speeding or violating any other kind of traffic law? And so, if under any of the circumstances the officer suspects you are under the influence, can smell drugs or alcohol or admit that you’ve been drinking, then they have the right to ask you to blow into a Breathalyzer and complete field sobriety tests. If the law enforcement determines that you’re impaired for driving, then you can be charged for DUI

Will A Riverside Court Look at Previous DUI Cases?

Yes. Past DUI or DWI arrests are always a major consideration when plea bargaining for your case. If you were arrested for a similar case before, this one will be considered as a multiple offense and you’re more likely to face severe penalties like bigger fines, longer jail sentences, and an intensive court-ordered alcohol rehab program. In such a situation, you need the best of the best DUI attorney. There’s also the issue of the prosecution establishing whether you have a valid prior, another reason to seek proper legal representation.

Will I Go to Jail for a DUI?

Well, it depends on an array of factors including past DUI convictions, criminal history as well as the facts of the case at hand. However, if jail time is required, San Diego Criminal lawyers will negotiate with the prosecutor for you to get alternative sentencing like public work service, community service, and home confinement. San Diego Criminal firm’s goal is to do all we can to make sure you don’t serve jail time. Get in touch with us today to discuss the possible penalties for your DUI case.

Contact the Experienced Riverside DUI Lawyers at San Diego Criminal

There are numerous options when it comes to picking a DUI attorney to handle your case at the DMV and court. Our team of experienced DUI lawyers have the required knowledge and resources to handle any DUI case. Our team’s commitment level is what separates us from the crowd. We have both the scientific and legal knowledge needed to effectively work on your case and defend you at the DMV and in court. You do not want to handle the case on your own, especially when your employment is on the line. Contact us today instead.

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