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When anybody is facing any criminal allegation that has been brought up against them, be it possession of controlled substances, DUI, or other categories, they are looking at possibly serious and long-term consequences. However, if your livelihood is based on keeping a professional license in the state of California and your license is under threat of criminal charges or a conviction, then the possible consequences might be devastating. If you need a professional license defense lawyer in Riverside, then contact our team of attorneys promptly.

In our firm, we know that you worked very hard in order to get the expertise needed to provide high levels of service to the clients you work within your industry or field. Your educational background likely took time, as did acquiring practical experience in real-world conditions. On top of that, you had to undergo the license application process, which usually involves a state-administered examination, a high price tag, and more paperwork than you thought was ever possible in the first place. To top it all of, you also have to renew the professional license bestowed upon you routinely by paying new fees on time in order to avoid penalties. Finally, we should note that you might even hold more than one professional license, which means your experiences with the licensing process is even more costly, complicated, and time-consuming.

Despite all of the talent, dedication, and cost that it takes in order to get your professional license, it only takes one mistake to jeopardize that license. Even false allegations, should the relevant board or court believe them, can endanger your professional license. This can do anything from setting your career back to outright terminating it.

What Happens When a Licensing Board Initiates an Investigation?

Any state board or agency that has authority over the professional license you have can start an investigation when they suspect you of violations of either the law and/or the specific standards of conduct that are associated with and are related to your profession. Such investigations can eventually lead to a citation, fine, both, or even the filing of formal accusations. Should these actions get posted online for the public to see, possibly impacting your potential to win over future clients.

Here at our firm, we are able to take immediate steps while the process is still in the stage of investigation so we can possibly prevent an accusation or citation from getting filed. We also provide you wise and prompt advice you can use to avoid incriminating yourself by accident or taking any positions which pointlessly limit potential defense strategies that might be useful later on.

How Do You Defend Your Professional License Against a Formal Accusation?

If you have gotten a formal notice of accusation getting filed against you that might result in either professional discipline or even your professional license getting revoked, don’t waste any time in consulting us to get help. If you don’t act prior to the ‘time limit’ which applies to your professional license running out, you might lose out on the right to form a defense against the accusation.

Any formal accusation is going to allege that you violated laws in certain ways that related closely to your field of professional work. They can also be filed following a criminal conviction or even on their own different from a different criminal case.

Our veteran legal team wastes no time in getting a Notice of Defense filed, which gives us access to any evidence that is being possibly used against you, which helps us come up with the very best way to save your license.

We will strive to highlight the weaknesses in any case against you so we can have it dismissed, possibly negotiate a settlement that is favorable to you, or just get geared up for an administrative hearing and fight to get you acquitted, based on which particular approach would be in your personal best interests.

At an actual administrative hearing, we put our extensive skills, experience, and knowledge to use in terms of the distinct ways in which evidence might be weighed as well as the potential decisions that might be rendered at such a hearing. We have quite a few years of experience in successfully advocating for someone’s defense in such administrative hearings, so we know how to highlight the weaknesses in any case that is brought against you. We can also find exculpatory evidence that works in your favor.

Can I Appeal A Decision Made by a State Licensing Agency?

If a licensing agency in the state of California undertakes disciplinary action against you, revokes your professional license, ignores your requests of them, or simply refuses to provide you a license, then you can usually appeal the decision that they make.

In order to take advantage of the right to appeal, you have to submit what are known as writs of mandamus on top of other laborious paperwork, and in a specific manner that the law prescribes. You also only have so long to do all of this. Most legal novices find this task nothing short of impossible, but we’re experienced in not only doing such things but doing them efficiently and accurately.

Should I Seek Defense on a Citation Issued by a State Licensing Agency?

Absolutely! When any state agency has issued you a fine and/or citation for supposedly failing to follow the law, you might be tempted to just ignore the matter if your license is still yours. However, in reality, such citations land on your permanent record, where they might be part of bigger and later actions that get taken against you.

Contact us if this is the case you find yourself in so we can get moving fast and do all that we know to either prevent citations or possibly get them taken off of your record.

Is it Possible To Get a Suspension by a State Licensing Agency Overturned?

Another field of expertise we have is defeating requests for interim suspension orders, or ISOs, to get filed against you. There are times that an agency might issue an ISO during a criminal case or investigation still running its course.

On the other hand, it is frequently possible to get such interim suspensions taken off so that you’re able to keep your career and work without interruption while we get ready to prevent a future revocation at a later administrative hearing.

What Should I Do if My License Application is Denied?

We can also help you in either preventing or even overcoming application denials in terms of renewing a current license or getting a new professional license.

First, we might be able to solve the issue just by pulling together more complete information which proves you are really eligible for a license or just correcting technical issues that are keeping a speedy approval from happening.

If you have already had your license application turned down, then we can investigate the specific Statement of Issues that was filed against you so we can ascertain ways to either clarify or even challenge specific issues one at a time until we get your application fully and finally approved.

How Can I Get My Professional License Reinstated?

If you’ve already lost the professional licensing you once enjoyed because of administrative actions, then the attorneys of our firm can help guide you through the detailed process of license reinstatement.

On the other hand, we might also petition to get the disciplinary action that is filed against you modified or altered in such a way as to reduce the penalty. Petitions for both penalty reductions and license reinstatement have stringent time limits, which means that you have to act fast.

However, you should never assume that the loss of your license has to be final. It’s frequently possible to get your professional license reinstated when you know how to get the proper paperwork filed promptly and then deal with any legal obstacles that arise along the way. We know how things like this work if it’s at all a legal possibility, we’ll get your license restored to you.

What Types Of California Professional License Defense Case are Handled by San Diego Criminal?

At our law firm, our professional license defense lawyers are capable of handling these kinds of cases:

Medical Board License Defense Attorney

  • Acupuncturist Board License Defense
  • Chiropractor Board License Defense
  • Dentist Board License Defense
  • Occupational Therapy License Defense
  • Optometry Board License Defense
  • Osteopathic Board License Defense
  • Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Board License Defense
  • Pharmacist & Pharmacy Technician Board License Defense
  • Physical Therapist Board License Defense
  • Physician or Surgeon Board License Defense
  • Podiatrist Board License Defense
  • Psychology Board License Defense
  • Nursing Board License Defense
  • Respiratory Board License Defense
  • Speech Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists Board License Defense
  • Vocational Nurse or Psychiatric Technician License Defense

Professional License Defense Attorney

  • Architect Board License Defense
  • Behavioral Science Board License Defense
  • Contractor and General Contractor Board License Defense
  • Certified Public Accountant Board License Defense
  • Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists Board License Defense
  • Landscape Architect Board License Defense
  • Real Estate Board License Defense
  • Veterinary Board License Defense

Contact a California Professional License Defense Attorney at San Diego Criminal for Help!

We fully know what’s at stake if your professional license is at risk, and we also have a thorough comprehension of the California Penal Code in relation to such matters. We have detailed knowledge of all aspects of licensing laws in the state of California, as well as other laws that impact professional licenses. We also have a good understanding of the particular workings of local courts and their processes in California for such cases. Our knowledge covers many different professions, which enables us to be prepared to assist you if you find yourself in need of legal help in a situation such as this.

Contact us at (619) 777-7171 right away for your cost- and obligation-free consultation with an experienced California license defense lawyer!

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