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Professional License Defense Attorney in San Bernardino

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The harsh consequences that a person can face when they’ve been accused of controlled substance possession, DUI, or any other crime can stick with them for a long time. It can be terrible in cases where people hold a California professional license, which is at risk of being taken away after being convicted or charged with a crime. Don’t hesitate to contact San Diego Criminal for a Professional License Defense Attorney in the San Bernardino area that can help you.

You’ve gone through a lot to become a skilled worker who can provide clients with exceptional service, and San Diego Criminal knows this. The fees you’ve paid, the paperwork you’ve filed, the exams you’ve taken, and all of the education you’ve received have all been done with a lot of time and effort by you. There’s also the renewal fees you have to pay to keep the professional license and prevent penalization. If you have more than one license, you have even more work to do and more fees to pay, which makes things a bit more difficult.

That license that you’ve worked so hard to get, can be taken away, making everything you’ve learned and experienced a complete waste. Your license and your professional career can even end if you’ve been falsely accused of a crime, as long as the relevant authorities believe the accuser.

What Happens When a Licensing Board Initiates an Investigation?

If you’ve been suspected of inappropriate conduct or law violations, an investigation may be started by the board or agency in charge of your professional license. A formal accusation, fine, or citation can result from one of these investigations. You might not be able to get any clients in the future, because records related to these actions will be put on the Internet for everyone to see.

Prevention of accusation filing and citations is a top priority for us at San Diego Criminal, as we’ll work immediately to stop this while the investigation happens. We’ll be on your side with the best advice at any time. We’ll be able to prevent self-incrimination on your behalf and make sure that you have the most defense strategies available.

How Do You Defend Your Professional License Against a Formal Accusation?

Contact us for legal help as soon as you’ve been notified of an accusation that has been filed because it could lead to disciplinary action or your professional license being revoked. You might not even have the chance to defend yourself if you wait until it’s too late to handle the case related to your professional license.

When you’ve been formally accused, a party alleges that you’ve done something in relation to your profession that violates the law. This may be related to a criminal conviction you’ve already gotten, or to a separate case entirely.

San Diego Criminal has a team of experienced legal experts that will act quickly to file a Notice of Defense. This allows us to see any evidence related to your case and come up with a plan to help you win and keep your license.

We can approach your case in different ways, depending on which one will provide the best outcome for you. We can go try for an acquittal after going through an administrative hearing, try to negotiate a settlement that works, or even try to get the case thrown out entirely.

Having experienced many administrative hearings, we are fully aware of what goes on in them and how evidence is used, making us perfect for the task of representing you. We’ve given defensive arguments for many individuals at administrative hearings, and our experiences give us the necessary skills to use the evidence for you and find weaknesses in any case.

Can I Appeal A Decision Made by a State Licensing Agency?

In most cases, you have the ability to appeal a decision by a state licensing agency that results in your license being revoked, you facing disciplinary action, your requests being ignored, or you being denied a professional license.

Paperwork, such as writs of mandamus, must be submitted in a timely manner after a decision in accordance with the law in order to have the opportunity to appeal. A person who has no experience with appeals or the legal system probably wouldn’t be able to do this on their own. San Diego Criminal is here to make sure that you don’t have to do it alone by making sure that you accurately fill out the paperwork in the most efficient manner.

Should I Seek Defense on a Citation Issued by a State Licensing Agency?

Although the temptation may be high to ignore a fine or citation issued by a state agency, you should pay attention to them and seek defense as soon as possible. Once a citation has been issued, it will be part of your permanent record, and any actions taken against you in the future will be formed from it.
Time is of the essence, and we at San Diego Criminal will work diligently to either get the citation removed or prevent it from entering your permanent record in the first place. Just contact us.

Is it Possible To Get a Suspension by a State Licensing Agency Overturned?

It’s quite common for an ISO or interim suspension order to be filed while an investigation is ongoing or a case is being processed. We have experience with defeating these ISO requests, making it possible for you to not only keep working without stopping but also stop an administrative hearing from revoking your license.

What Should I Do if My License Application is Denied?

If you’re renewing a professional license or applying for a new one, we can keep you from getting denied and stop any denials that may already be impacting you. The problem may simply be some technical issues that are slowing down the approval process, or a lack of information that proves your eligibility for a professional license, both of which we can handle. If a Statement of Issues has been filed to prevent you from getting a license, we’ll work against these issues until you’ve finally been approved for your desired license.

How Can I Get My Professional License Reinstated?

Your professional license may have already been taken away, but San Diego Criminal has attorneys that can help you work towards a reinstated license. We can also try to get the penalty placed on you through disciplinary action reduced. There is only a certain amount of time that you have to petition for the reduction of a penalty or a license reinstatement, which means you have to act fast. Although it may seem like a license is permanently lost, it doesn’t have to be this way. Knowing what paperwork to file and when to file it will go a long way in getting a license reinstated. We have the knowledge and experience to fight any legal problems that may arise when trying to get a professional license back and will use them to help you.

What Types Of California Professional License Defense Case are Handled by San Diego Criminal?

The dedicated Professional License Defense Attorneys at San Diego Criminal are prepared to tackle these case types for you:

  • Medical Board License Defense Attorney
  • Acupuncturist Board License Defense
  • Chiropractor Board License Defense
  • Dentist Board License Defense
  • Occupational Therapy License Defense
  • Optometry Board License Defense
  • Osteopathic Board License Defense
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Paramedic Board License Defense
  • Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacist Board License Defense
  • Physical Therapist Board License Defense
  • Physician or Surgeon Board License Defense
  • Podiatrist Board License Defense
  • Psychology Board License Defense
  • Nursing Board License Defense
  • Respiratory Board License Defense
  • Speech Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists Board License Defense
  • Vocational Nurse or Psychiatric Technician License Defense
  • Professional License Defense Attorney
  • Architect Board License Defense
  • Behavioral Science Board License Defense
  • General Contractor and Contractor Board License Defense
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board License Defense
  • Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Land Surveyors Board License Defense
  • Landscape Architect Board License Defense
  • Real Estate Board License Defense
  • Veterinary Board License Defense

Contact a California Professional License Defense Attorney at San Diego Criminal for Help!

When it comes to your professional license, the stakes are high, and it may be hard to understand how the California Penal Code operates when licenses are involved. San Diego Criminal has attorneys that are knowledgeable in licensing laws found in California. We have dealt with many California court cases that cover a lot of professions, and when it comes time for you to deal with the laws, we will be on your side.

If you give us a call at (619)777-7171, we can give you a consultation at no cost or obligations. The attorney that you talk to will be well suited to handle California defense attorney cases.

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