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In California, a CPA (certified public accountant) license is not easy to obtain. It requires long years of study and practice, skills and experience. When you risk losing yours, you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to defend it. This involves working with an experienced San Diego Criminal defense lawyer.

What could determine the California Board of Accountancy to suspend or revoke your license? The determining factors are usually consumer complaints, criminal charges, or criminal convictions. It all starts with an investigation, but if you do not act fast and prove your innocence with the help of a San Diego accounting license defense lawyer, it could end with a formal accusation and criminal prosecution.

At San Diego Criminal, we understand how challenging and important accounting work is. We know what an important role you play in the economy, we know the amount of pressure and responsibility you put up with. We also know what a terrible impact losing your license would have on your financial situation, your career, and your reputation.

Our accounting license defense lawyers will do anything in their power to help you dismiss all accusations against you and avoid disciplinary measures the Board of Accountancy may want to impose. Losing a CPA license is much easier than gaining one, but an experienced accounting license defense lawyer will never allow that. If you have not yet decided to hire one, perhaps a closer look at the mission and ways of action of the Board of Accountancy will help. Call us today at (619) 777-7171.

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When to Hire a San Diego Accounting License Defense Lawyer

As all accounting license defense lawyers know, the Board of Accountancy issues and monitors four types of licenses:

  1. CPA
  2. Firms
  3. Partnerships
  4. Corporations

If a firm, partnership, or corporation lose their license, the accountants forming it can always form another one or find employment elsewhere. In most cases, the firm, partnership, or corporation in question benefits from the services of an experienced accounting license defense lawyer and manages to keep its license.

As a CPA your license is all you have. Losing it will not look good on your record. Your best chance at securing employment is to accept a mediocre job and a corresponding financial package. You should not even consider facing a Board of Accountancy investigation without consulting an accounting license defense attorney.

If a client files a complaint against you, you face criminal charges and fail to report them or you are convicted; and the Board concludes that you have violated the state laws, regulations, the Business & Professions Code, or the California Accountancy Act, they can take a number of disciplinary measures against you. Here is what you risk:

  • Licensing or license renewal application denial
  • Letter of reprimand
  • Citation and administrative fine
  • License suspension or revocation
  • License probation
  • Criminal or civil charges besides the above disciplinary measures

What Are Common Scenarios That Lead To Disciplinary Measures?

Common scenarios that could lead to such disciplinary measures and prompt you to seek the advice of an accounting license defense lawyer include:

  • Providing accounting services without a license or exceeding the beyond the scope of your license
  • Negligence or incompetence in performing your activity
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Departure from standard accounting practices and procedure
  • Fiduciary duty breaches
  • Abetting and aiding tax evasion
  • Embezzlement, forgery, fraud, funds misappropriation, and related white-collar crimes
  • Criminal convictions related to your qualifications and duties
  • Disciplinary measures were taken against you by another agency in California or by another U.S. licensing board.

While it is true that many complaints and investigations end up dismissed, you should not take risks. Consult an accounting license defense attorney and take measures to avoid a formal accusation. Such accusations are filed publicly and available for all employers and clients to see. so you should not risk having one on your file.

The help of an accounting license defense lawyer becomes invaluable if the preliminary investigation leads to a formal accusation. A closer look at the formal accusation process and how it ends is the best way to understand why.

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How Can a San Diego Accounting License Defense Lawyer Help Your Case?

If the Board finds that the complaint or the charges filed against you are justified and serious enough to require disciplinary measures; they will send you a notice of formal Accusation. You can be sure the threat to your career is serious, and an accounting license defense lawyer is your best chance to protect it.

You or your accounting license defense lawyer will have several days to file a Notice of Defense. When it’s time to present your defense you must bring your own arguments and evidence to counteract the accusations against you. This is the only way t0 avoid the proposed disciplinary measures during an administrative hearing.

Your case will go to an administrative law judge; but before the administrative hearing takes place, you have a chance to end the process. You can end the process by reaching a favorable settlement during the pre-hearing process.

Whether or not you settle or convince the administrative law judge to rule in your favor depends on you and your accounting license defense lawyer’s ability to:

  • Dismantle the evidence against you
  • Justify your actions and prove mitigating circumstances
  • Prove lack of intent and a limited amount of damages
  • Show your remorse and willingness to rehabilitate
  • Show that you took measures to undo the harm your actions caused
  • Prove that other parties involved were more at fault
  • Invoke pass of time and your exemplary behavior ever since

It is important that you are aware of the importance of the pre-hearing procedures, mediation conference, and the administrative hearing. Everything you say or do throughout these stages will inherently impact the outcome of the process. The advice of an experienced accounting license defense lawyer can make the difference between a favorable settlement and a license revocation.

If despite your best efforts, the final decision of the board does not match your expectations; the same accounting license defense lawyer can help you continue to fight for your rights and your career by filing a petition for reconsideration. Or writ of mandamus. On your own, you could miss out on many opportunities and make many mistakes.

Contact a San Diego Accounting License Defense Lawyer Now

No matter what actions or mistakes determined the California Board of Accountancy to conduct an investigation and consider taking disciplinary measures against you. We at San Diego Criminal can help you defend your interests against all odds.

Contact us and schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced San Diego accounting license defense lawyers. Your future as an accountant is in your hands – let us help you protect it!

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