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California is the home of more than 29.000 pharmacists and the state with the highest salaries in the country after Alaska. For pharmacists in San Diego, this means that, in case the California Board of Pharmacy decides to investigate their activity, they should hire a pharmacist license defense lawyer and protect their career against all the odds.

The Board of Pharmacy aims to protect the Californians’ health and safety, and they do so by licensing pharmacists, issuing corresponding legislation, and enforcing the legislation in force. When one of their licensees face criminal convictions or have complaints filed against them, they will investigate the case and, if necessary, take disciplinary measures.

For the board, the investigation and decision process is part of daily routine, but their actions and decisions may irreversibly influence the future of their licensees.

As a pharmacist, you depend on your license to build a career, make a living, and support your personal and professional life. You should, therefore, take any threats to your license seriously, and respond to them with the help of an experienced San Diego pharmacist license defense attorney.

A San Diego Criminal defense attorney knows how important your license is for you and your future. If you turn to us, we will do whatever it takes to help you defend it and protect your reputation. Our pharmacist license defense lawyers will provide all the information and advice you need, take over most of the formalities, and be there for you throughout the license defense process, working to secure a favorable outcome. Call us today at (619) 777-7171 and schedule a risk-free consultation. We want to help you.

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When Do You Need the Services of a San Diego Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer?

Generally, the moment you hear the Board of Pharmacy is investigating your activity, you should discuss your case with a pharmacist license defense attorney. Also, if the investigation is something minor and does not represent a threat to your license, the attorney will let you know, and you can rest assured everything is in order.

If there are reasons to worry that the investigation could lead to disciplinary measures, the pharmacist license defense lawyer will help you devise an effective strategy to convince the Board inspectors that you are a reputable and trustworthy professional and you deserve to keep your license, and they will help you implement that strategy.

If you are not sure whether your case requires the attention of a San Diego pharmacist license defense lawyer, perhaps reviewing the most common accusations and convictions the Board investigates will help.

What are Common Cases Investigated by the Board of Pharmacy?

The board investigates and imposes disciplinary measures in three main types of cases:

  1. Complaints related to a licensee’s professional activity (alcohol or drugs abuse, sexual misconduct, releasing drugs without prescription, negligence, incompetence)
  2. Criminal convictions related to the licensee’s qualifications and responsibilities (prescription forgery, illegal distribution, possession, or consumption of controlled substances, participation in insurance fraud)
  3. Convictions for serious crimes unrelated to the licensee’s profession (rape, murder, grand theft, drug-related crimes).

If your case fits in any of these categories, it could cost you your license. The Board of Pharmacy can evaluate any type of criminal behavior and investigate any complaints they receive.

When they do, their purpose is to determine whether the licensee can be trusted to perform their duties in accordance with the regulations and laws in force. If anything in your behavior could give them a reason to conclude otherwise, your only chance to avoid or minimize the Board’s disciplinary measures is to enlist the services of a pharmacist license defense attorney as soon as possible.

Board Investigations Basics

California pharmacists have an obligation to report any criminal convictions to the Board. Failure to do so could result in an investigation and disciplinary measures against them. Those who hope the Board will not find out about their wrongdoings; or neglect their duty to report crimes should reconsider and consult a pharmacist license defense attorney.

The process of obtaining or renewing a pharmacist license in California now involves fingerprinting. As a result, when a pharmacist is accused or convicted of a crime, the authorities inform the board. Convictions surely do not remain unreported; as court clerks have the obligation to report convictions within ten days from the verdict.

The only exception to the rule is traffic citations that result in fines lower than $500. If they do not involve controlled substances, drugs, or alcohol. If you have been accused of a serious crime or convicted of any crime and failed to report it to the board; you should contact a license defense lawyer immediately.

San Diego pharmacist license defense lawyer.

Protect your pharmacist’s license today and contact San Diego Criminal.

How Can We Help You Protect Your License and Career?

As mentioned above, upon receiving a complaint or notification that a licensee violated the law or regulations in force; the Board will start an investigation. The results of the investigation will determine the disciplinary measures. Throughout the investigation, if they benefit from the advice of an experienced pharmacist license defense lawyer; the licensee may be able to convince the board that:

  • The accusations against them are unfunded
  • The mistakes they made were not intentional and did not have serious consequences
  • Their actions occurred in special circumstances that clouded their judgment; like the loss of a loved one, addiction to drugs or alcohol, etc.
  • They are aware of their mistakes, and they are making efforts to rehabilitate themselves.
  • They regret their actions, and they are willing to undergo probation in order to prove their ability to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

There are many other strategies a pharmacist license defense lawyer may use in order to protect their client’s interest. In order to get a chance to defend your interests; you have to inform the Board of your intention of doing so.

This involves filing a Notice of Defense within days from receiving the Board’s notification that they are investigating your activity. Failure to file the notice on time could make any other efforts useless. If you succeed to file the notice on time without the help of a pharmacist license defense attorney; you will want to get the help of one for the upcoming procedural steps:

  • The pre-hearing process, when the parties gather and review the evidence available and subpoena witnesses to support their case
  • The mediation conference, when the parties have the opportunity to reach a settlement
  • The hearing in the front of the administrative law judge, when the parties can present and support their case
  • The verdict of the administrative law judge and the Board’s decision of whether to accept it
  • The waiting period for the decision to become final or the appeal

Hire a San Diego Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer Now!

When the California Board of Pharmacy investigates your activity and threatens to take disciplinary measures against you; an experienced pharmacist license defense lawyer can help protect your reputation and career. You’ll find the most dedicated Pharmacist license defense attorneys at San Diego Criminal. Call our office now and schedule a risk-free consultation. 

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