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Protect Your Future with the Help of an Experienced Professional License Defense Lawyer in San Diego CA

Representing nurses, veterinarians, accountants, dentists, doctors, pharmacists, realtors & more.

Professional license defense lawyers in San Diego, representing nurses, veterinarians, accountants, dentists, doctors, pharmacists and realtors.Any threat to your professional license is a threat to your future, so you should not take it lightly. The minute you receive a letter from your license administration board saying they are conducting investigations that could lead to the revocation of your license should be the minute you start looking for a San Diego professional license defense attorney.

It is not only your license at stake but your entire career, all those years of study and practice, all the efforts you made to reach this stage in your profession. You risk losing your job and your main source of income, having a huge stain on your reputation for the rest of your life, and living with the thought that you could have done something to prevent this outcome but you didn’t.

Don’t take chances when it comes to your future! Take measures to protect it now, by hiring a reputable San Diego professional license defense lawyer and proving your license administration board that you are a reliable professional whose integrity they should never doubt. We can help!

At San Diego Criminal, we know how valuable your professional license is, how challenging obtaining it was, and how difficult losing it would be. We have been defending numerous professionals like you, helping them keep their license and future perspectives. If you give us a chance, we will do everything in our power to help you keep yours.

Categories of Clients Our Professional License Defense Lawyers in San Diego Can Help

At San Diego Criminal, we handle all types of professional license defense cases. Here are the most common:

  • Nursing license defense in front of the California Board of Registered Nursing
  • Accounting license defense in front of the California Board of Accountancy
  • Dental license defense in front of the Dental Board of California
  • Medical license defense in front of the Medical Board of California
  • Pharmacist license defense in front of the California State Board of Pharmacy
  • Veterinarian license defense in front of the California Veterinary Medical Board
  • Psychologist license defense in front of the California Board of Psychologists
  • Real estate license defense in front of the California Bureau of Real Estate

We generally recommend clients to get in touch with our professional license defense lawyers as soon as possible, because the sooner we take over a case, the more we can do to win it. However, our attorneys accept cases in different stages of the license defense process.

The best way to understand how a professional license defense lawyer can help you is to take a closer look at the license defense process and the steps it involves. The following lines will also help you learn what to expect and prepare for what is coming.

The Professional License Defense Process in California and How a San Diego Professional License Defense Attorney Can Help with It

Most issues related to license discipline in California undergo a formal hearing process subject to the Administrative Procedure Act. The process usually consists of the following steps:
1. The Accusation Letter
At this stage, the licensing board or agency sends the licensee a letter informing the latter of the accusations formulated against them. The letter will be accompanied by a presentation of the licensee’s rights during the hearing process

Many professionals receiving this letter choose to contact a professional license defense lawyer to advise them on how to proceed. For those who choose to wait and take matters into their own hands, our honest advice is that they read the received documents carefully, assess the seriousness of the accusations they face, and follow the instructions provided to defend their license.

2. The Notice of Defense
It is the response the licensee or their professional license defense attorney issues to the Accusation letter received from the licensing board. It should present the licensee’s position regarding the accusations brought to them and protect the latter’s right to an administrative hearing.

It is of paramount importance to submit the Notice of Defense in due time. Usually, the deadline is of 15 days, but the best way to be sure is to read the documentation accompanying the accusation letter.
The alternative is to let a professional license defense attorney prepare and submit the Notice of Defense. Given their experience in the field, this step will be a mere formality for them, and they will know exactly how to fulfill it.

3. Case Filing with the California Office of Administrative Hearing
The licensing board sends the case to OAH upon receiving the notice of defense, and an administrative law judge takes it over. From here on, the procedures follow OAH regulations.
Everything takes place automatically once you submit your Notice of Defense. It helps to rely on the assistance of a professional license defense lawyer familiar with OAH regulations and with experience in administrative hearings on your side.

4. The Pre-Hearing Process
This stage covers the period preceding the administrative hearing when the parties discover the evidence their opponents have gathered, including witness information, agency reports on the case, and any statements of the parties. It all lasts up to 30 days.

In the meantime, the OAH and the parties may subpoena witnesses for the hearing or compel the opponents to produce any documents they consider useful. Since the process involves specific procedures and legal knowledge, it is best if a professional license defense lawyer handles it.

5. The Pre-Hearing Mediation Meeting
Usually, before the administrative hearing takes place, the parties request or have to participate in a pre-hearing mediation meeting. This meeting is an opportunity to review and finalize the evidence the parties plan to present during the hearing or, when possible, reach a settlement.

If the evidence against the licensee is overwhelming and there is no way of fighting it, a settlement can be a great way to avoid more severe punishments. If the licensee manages to gather enough evidence to dismiss the board’s accusations, they may be able to convince the latter to drop the case and settle at this stage.

In all scenarios, the experience and negotiation skills of a San Diego professional license defense lawyer can heavily influence the outcome of the meaning. For the settlement to become official, the licensing board will have to approve it and adopt it as Final Decision. If the parties do not reach a settlement, the process moves to the next stage.

6. The Administrative Hearing
This is when the parties get the chance to present their arguments and evidence and convince the administrative law judge to support their point of view. The licensing board representative is usually the first to present their case, after which the licensee or their professional license defense attorney has the chance to answer, cross-examine witnesses, and present their own take on the case.

When the parties are done presenting their cases, it is up to the administrative law judge to evaluate the parties’ arguments and evidence and reach a verdict. The professional license defense process does not necessarily end at this stage, as if the decision is unfavorable, the licensee can appeal it.

7. Post-Hearing Procedures
The decision of the administrative law judge is usually announced within 30 days from the hearing or even later. After that, the licensing agency receives 100 days to adopt or reject the administrative law judge’s decision. The judge’s decision becomes final after the 100 days have passed.

Depending on the judge’s decision and on the experience of the professional license defense lawyer they work with, the licensee can use these 100 days to request the agency to reconsider. After the deadline expires, they can appeal the decision in the Superior Court. If they win, the Superior Court will send the case back to the agency with specific instructions.

Save Yourself Time, Money, and Hassles, by Working with a Professional License Defense Lawyer in San Diego, CA

As you can see, the professional license defense process is quite lengthy and troublesome. It involves a lot of paperwork and following procedures you are surely not familiar with as an average citizen. Instead of attempting to complete it on your own and risking to lose your license, you should work with an experienced and dedicated professional license defense lawyer.

You can find the dedicated professional license defense lawyer you need at San Diego Criminal. Contact us now and schedule a consultation to receive personalized answers and advice, and take the first step towards protecting your future!

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