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Scientists From The University Of Pittsburgh Invent A Weed Breathalyzer

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Researches from the Star Lab in the University of Pittsburgh say that they have developed a prototype that can be used to detect the THC content on the breath of a weed smoker. THC is the main psychoactive component in Marijuana.

Though 33 states in the United States and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of Marijuana for recreational uses, it is still illegal to drive when high in most areas. On getting caught you can be charged for a DUI offence.

However, police have been having a hard time detecting the THC levels in weed smokers making their job twice as hard. This is one of the reasons why Ervin Sejdic – a computer engineering and electrical professor – together with Alexander Star – a chemistry professor – started on working on a prototype that resembles an alcohol breathalyzer to help police nab people driving under the influence of marijuana.

The marijuana breathalyzer prototype which resembles an alcoholic breathalyzer uses advanced chemistry and machine learning to detect the levels of THC in an individual’s breath.

Though many states outlaw the driving under the influence of marijuana, there has been no legally acceptable way to determine if a driver is too high.

The device is however likely to raise a storm as there has been raging debate in the legal community on which levels of THC would be considered to constitute a DUI offence. Many legal experts and researchers opine that there is still a long way to go before it is possible to detect the level of impairment in a person who has smoked weed.

However, Alexander Star says that the prototype is a step in the right direction towards making this determination.

The marijuana breathalyzer is still being tweaked and development is in the research stages. The inventors are hopeful that it will soon be ready for mass production and deployment on the roads.

You can read more about the marijuana breathalyzer here.

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