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What are the Different Kinds of Warrants in San Diego?

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As long as you have a valid license and insurance, you shouldn’t be all that afraid of being pulled over. The worst that can usually happen is you get a ticket and have to pay a fine. Of course, if you’re caught driving drunk, the consequences will be much worse. But most people get pulled over for something minor. Things can go from bad to worse if you have any active warrants in San Diego. Some people have no idea that there’s an active warrant out on them. They may have completely forgotten about a court date or fine. These things happen. However, if you get pulled over and have an active warrant, you will be arrested. This can turn a normal traffic stop into a much uglier situation.

If this happens to you, it’s important that you call experienced criminal defense lawyers in San Diego. They can try to get the warrant recalled. They can also find out what it’ll take to get the matter cleared up. More importantly, they can help get you out of jail so you don’t have to sit in a cell until your next hearing.

What is a Bench Warrant?

For the most part, the simplest kind of warrant is a bench warrant. This is issued by a judge when you don’t show up for court. It can also be issued if you fail to provide certain information to the court as ordered. For example, if you’re on probation and were told to complete a drug and alcohol program, you need to supply proof that you completed the program. If you fail to do this on time, the judge may issue a bench warrant.

If a bench warrant is issued, you have to clear it up. Your San Diego criminal lawyer may be able to call and get a new court date issued. Or, they can ask for an extension for you to submit whatever information was missing. If this is done, your bench warrant will be recalled. That means you have a clean slate and a second chance to fix whatever mistakes you made.

It’s Very Difficult for Your San Diego Criminal Lawyer to Get a Search Warrant Recalled

A search warrant is a lot different from a bench warrant. When the police suspect that you’ve committed a crime, they can ask the judge to sign a search warrant. This is a legal document that gives the police permission to search your home, your car or your workplace. The warrant will limit the pace and scope of the search.

This means that, if you’re suspected of committing a robbery, the police can look for any item that could’ve been used in the robbery. For example, they may look for a gun or money. They can also look for clothes that you may have been wearing at the time of the crime. Once the police find what they think is evidence of the crime, they can seize it. You’ll get a receipt for whatever property they took and you may or may not get it back.

An Arrest Warrant Follows You Everywhere

If there’s an outstanding arrest warrant in San Diego against you, it can be executed at any time and in any place. If the police show that judge that they have probable cause that you committed a crime, they can ask for an arrest warrant. Once they get this warrant issued, you can be arrested at any point.

If you get pulled over for a simple traffic violation, the cops will run your name in their computer. If they see there’s an outstanding warrant against you, they will arrest you. Then you’ll have to sit in jail until you attend a hearing to face your charges.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Diego

If you get arrested on an outstanding warrant or think there are active warrants in San Diego against you, it’s a good idea to call an experienced criminal defense lawyer in San Diego. They can contact the local court and find out why the warrant was issued. They can also work to get your warrant cleared. This can be something as simple as paying a fine. Or it may require that you report to court to answer to some serious criminal allegations.

Either way, you don’t want to handle this on your own. It can be quite scary to deal with a criminal warrant. Even if it’s a bench warrant, there’s a chance you’ll have to sit in jail for days or even weeks. To avoid this, call our San Diego criminal defense law firm today. Since you may not even be aware that a warrant is out there, you may not know what it’s for. Let an experienced criminal lawyer help you clear up what can be a very messy situation.

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