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What to Do if My Child Has Been Injured by a Step-Parent

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When our child has been hurt by a stranger, we’re angry. We want revenge. We’ll make that person pay. We can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt our children. So, you can imagine how much worse it can be when the abuse is at the hands of a step-parent. Someone who’s supposed to love you and your child has done the unthinkable. They have abused or harmed your child. 

If a step-parent harms your child, you need to report it to the police. You wouldn’t think twice about reporting abuse by a stranger. So, why would you think differently when it’s someone you know? 

If a step-parent has harmed your child, you need to report it. If the step-parent lives with you, you need to ask them to leave. There’s no way your child can continue to live with this person. They already hurt them once. Imagine what they’ll do next.

As much as it may hurt, you need to turn them in. When it comes down to your child or your spouse, your child wins – every time. 

Contact a San Diego Child Abuse Lawyer Immediately

If your child has been abused by a step-parent, you need a lawyer. You’re going to face a difficult road ahead. First, you need to file criminal charges. And, you may need to file a civil claim against the step-parent. It depends on how serious your child’s injuries are. An experienced child abuse lawyer can help you do this. 

Some of the more common ways step-parents injure children include:

  • Discipline that goes too far
  • Car accident
  • Burns
  • Falls
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse

You may have left your child with his step-parent while you ran errands. Maybe you work night shift and your kids are with your spouse all night. If the kids misbehave, there’s nothing wrong with their step-parent disciplining them. They do take on a parenting role when you get married. However, discipline is one thing. Abuse is another.

If your child has been harmed by a step-parent, you need to find out what happened. Was it an accident? Most cases are. Often times, the child is hurt because of negligence on the part of the step-parent. If this is the case, criminal charges may not be the way to go. However, you may need to file a civil claim against them.

How Does a Child Abuse Attorney in San Diego, California Handle These Cases?

How your child abuse attorney approaches your case depends on the circumstances. It depends on how your child was hurt. Did the step-parent abuse your child? Or, did your child get hurt in an accident?

Child Abuse Injuries:

If your child is abused by a step-parent, the first thing you need to do is go to the hospital. You need to find out how bad your child’s injuries are. You also need to get him medical treatment. 

The next thing you need to do is file criminal charges. Call the police. They will come to your house and file a report. Do not try to protect your spouse. If your child is being abused, it is your job to protect them.

Show the officer pictures of your child’s injuries. Let them know what happened. If you haven’t already done so, kick the step-parent out of the house. Do not let them come back. And, finally, call a child abuse lawyer in San Diego.


If your child was hurt due to the step-parent’s negligence, it’s a different story. You may still want to call the police to document the incident. However, if it was an accident, they probably won’t file criminal charges.

Take your child to the hospital. It’s important that you document his injuries. Make sure you get pictures of their injuries. Take pictures of the place where the accident took place. Your lawyer will need this information down the road.

Has Your Child Has Been Injured, Contact a San Diego Child Abuse Lawyer Immediately

If you’re not sure how your child was injured, you still want to contact a San Diego child abuse lawyer. If all you know is that your child is hurt, you need an attorney. It may take some time to determine if it was abuse or negligence. Either way, you need to protect your child. You also need to protect his rights.

Your child abuse lawyer will review your case. He’ll let you know how best to proceed. He will stand by you throughout the legal process. Call today and schedule your initial consultation.

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