Kerry Steigerwalt has gained a reputation as one of San Diego’s premier trial attorneys through a commitment to providing access to justice for those in need. For over 30 years, Mr. Steigerwalt has realized success in the courtroom through a string of high-profile criminal defense cases. He has secured several remarkable jury awards for plaintiffs in personal injury cases, recovering millions of dollars on behalf of his injured clients.



Kerry Steigerwalt has gained a reputation as one of San Diego’s premier trial attorneys through a commitment to providing access to justice for those in need. For over 30 years, Mr. Steigerwalt has realized success in the courtroom through a string of high-profile criminal defense cases. He has secured several remarkable jury awards for plaintiffs in personal injury cases, recovering millions of dollars on behalf of his injured clients.



Kerry Steigerwalt has gained a reputation as one of San Diego’s premier trial attorneys through a commitment to providing access to justice for those in need. For over 30 years, Mr. Steigerwalt has realized success in the courtroom through a string of high-profile criminal defense cases. He has secured several remarkable jury awards for plaintiffs in personal injury cases, recovering millions of dollars on behalf of his injured clients.


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HANDS DOWN Samantha Greene is the BEST legal defense attorney in San Diego! She is soooo knowledgeable, intelligent, caring, professional and such an amazing woman inside and out!! San Diego Criminal went above and beyond to help my fiance out when he got into trouble with probation. Samantha and Stan Mann were there to answer every one of my questions(anytime of day) and had me at ease knowing we had the best attorney representing us in court. They are both such extraordinary, amazing individuals i will recommend them to everyone and anyone in need of legal help!! To top off this amazing review, of course Samantha was so professional and did such an amazing job in court, we received the best results possible!!!! My fiance was released!!!!! If ANYONE in San Diego is looking for an excellent legal attorney, I recommend and give 100% satisfactory to Samantha Greene and her entire team!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for not only doing everything you could to help us out but treated us like family!!! You guys ROCK 🙂 :0 🙂


Samantha Green was great handling my case. She got me from a misdemeanor to a fraction. Im happy with that. She also kept me updated on my case and i never had to call her for an update. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to people.


Never in my life did I envision myself needing the services of an Attorney, so having to confront not only my legal situation but also needing to select someone I didn’t know and to trust them with my freedom was an overwhelming task. After researching and talking to several San Diego attorneys, my wife and I made the decision to entrust my case to Samantha Greene and the San Diego Criminal staff. I was made to feel welcomed and quickly put at ease. The first conversation with Stan set me at ease and the first meeting with Samantha sealed it for us. I am more than satisfied with the outcome of my case and appreciated being made to feel that I was not alone – Thank You Samantha and San Diego Criminal.


Samantha Greene and all the partners at San Diego Criminal are five star attorneys. After retaining Ms.Greene she fought my case aggressively as well as having multiple traffic infractions completely dismissed. Samantha isn’t just an attorney she is the BEST in San Diego if not the entire country. She didn’t receive attorney of the year for no reason, it’s because she is compassionate with her clients and will not stop until your case is won or severely reduced. Don’t waste anymore time if your looking for another attorney, Samantha Greene of San Diego Criminal will NOT let you down. I would not be surprised if she becomes one of the top in the country, her work speaks for itself and I highly endorse and recommend Samantha Greene Attorney at Law


Samantha was a great lawyer. She had 15 felony charges dropped and my interstate compact approved so I could return home to NYC. Friendly and professional, was there with me every step of the way. Highly recommend her~


We highly recommend the San Diego Criminal Team for your criminal defense issues. We are taking the time to provide this information as with this highly competitive field and your need for a solid defense attorney being necessary. You are not going to know how to pick your best defense team. We are confident this information provides the answer to that very important question. Near the Christmas Holidays, our family member was faced with a legal issue and we went to several San Diego criminal defense team websites. We believed we would receive sporadic responses, if any due to the upcoming holiday season. Almost immediately-in in the late evening, we were introduced to a front line member of the San Diego Criminal support team, who answered all our questions, online and on the phone- within 30 minutes. The support team brought in their top legal defense attorney- Samantha Greene, within hours of the first contact, even though she was tending to a current trial case. In 24 hours, Samantha Greene had reviewed the file of our beloved family member and offered her the guaranteed free consultation. During the entire time, the support team provided our family with repeated counseling and support during our crisis, even during the holiday weekend. It should be noted, two days after the release of our family member, other defense attorneys were making their “initial” contact with us. In other words, without the San Diego Criminal Team, our family would have sat for days with no answers or support to our family. We highly recommend San Diego Criminal.. Should you choose to wait for support and answers to your legal crisis, at one point, you will circle back to San Diego Criminal and wander why you waited. They are top notch in expertise, knowledge, customer service support as well as their hands on approach to assisting our family through his overwhelming ordeal.

-T Lee

Finding an exceptional criminal attorney and legal defense team like Samantha A. Greene and San Diego Criminal is not easy when you are totally and permanently deaf as I am, but my prayers were answered and because of Samantha’s enduring compassion and tenacious approach to winning I now have my life back. After several years of negotiation with a former business associate to settle a business transaction that did not work out, two different private settlements were reached and agreed upon by me and the associate. Later I learned that despite the settlements the still unsatisfied associate had secretly filed a criminal complaint against me and I found myself in need of expert legal representation to avoid jail and close the matter once and for all. The search for an appropriate legal defense firm was a particular challenge for me as my deafness and head cochlear implants required communication only through email, hand-written notes and multiple new-device technologies for the hearing impaired. I was incredibly fortunate to obtain the very best criminal defense attorney, Samantha A. Greene and her San Diego Criminal team who were not only willing to patiently work with me under difficult circumstances, but whose defense skills, strategies, and jurisdictional respect in the courtroom surely surpass all others in San Diego County. I am immensely grateful to Samantha for her dedication, confident and calming demeanor and unparalleled abilities in securing optimum results for her clients. What had become a potentially dangerous blemish on my record was ultimately eradicated by the District Attorney dismissing/rejecting the opponent’s criminal complaint against me. My heartfelt thanks go to Samantha A. Greene!

-Mark B

San Diego Criminal is a pleasure to work with. They are consummate professionals, knowledgeable, and friendly. Michelle Bos has an extremely high level of expertise and a refreshing demeanor. Stan Man is extremely helpful and prides himself on being available to deliver a high level of service. They both take the time to listen and provide excellent service.

- Art Y

San Diego Criminal is one of the best criminal defense law firms! My friend had used their legal services and recommend I contacted them. I was extremely happy with the process. Props to Stan Mann and Samantha Greene and Michele Bos! My questions were answered clearly and they did not surprise me with any fees or anything. I have so much to be thankful for. Thanx for all of the help and encouragement!

- Kaytee Allen

I’ve been working as an investigator and paralegal for approximately 29 years and have worked with multiple law firms in San Diego county. San Diego Criminal truly cares and aggressively represents their clients to get the best results possible. People looking for a criminal defense attorney should call San Diego Criminal and they too will be happy they hired the firm.

- Alejandro Amigo

I highly recommend San Diego Criminal and their team if you have any legal problems and need help. Samantha was awesome and I would suggest them to any of my friends and even my family. Everything went so smooth and I got exactly what I was looking for with with my case results. Please consider them if you’re looking for a some of the best attorneys in San Diego.

- James H

Samantha Green is without question the preeminent attorney that you want in your corner. Her performance in and out of the court room is nothing short of spectacular. If you hire Samantha, it will become immediately, and abundantly clear to you that meeting her client’s objective is her first priority. I implore you to try and find a better lawyer; don’t be surprised when your quest for better representation falls short. Samantha represented a family member’s case which involved multi-layered intricacies which were simply no match for her skills, knowledge and steadfast devotion to duty. Do yourself a favor, don’t bother looking anywhere else. If you want results, Samantha Green is the answer!

-Tim Glickman

Where do I begin….Samantha and her team are professionals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise second to none. Recently, a loved one was involved in an unfortunate legal situation and Samantha was there to provide an outcome that was swift and favorable. She truly understood the situation and was very professional and studious. Our family was going through a rebuilding stage and she prevented any further delays. Our family owes a lot to Samantha and her team. She is a special person to us and we would not be okay with not sharing with persons in need of the quality of the San Diego Criminal Team.

-Shade Williams

If you are ever caught in a legal situation and you need good representation, I highly recommend San Diego Criminal. They are caring, knowledgeable, honest and work tirelessly to help you with your case. I am truly thankful for all of the work and legal advice they gave me during a time when I needed it the most. They took care of everything and I felt safe in their hands. It really helps to have an excellent legal team and you can’t go wrong with San Diego Criminal.

-Cammy T.

Samantha Green recently helped me with a legal problem and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of attorney services. She is professional and will take steps to defend your rights immediately. I have great respect for Samantha and her colleagues and appreciate the prompt and professional legal services they provided me.


Samantha Greene handled my felony domestic violence case so professionally I felt at ease from the moment I met with her and her staff. The results were more than I could have hoped for. She was responsive to my many calls and met with me multiple times to go over my case and answer all my questions and most importantly put my mind at ease through the entire case. I hope never to have to use a criminal defense attorney again, but if I do, Samantha will be my only choice . Thank you Samantha for your caring and professionalism.


Very outgoing .Samantha was on top of my case all the wayshe was able to get me the best possible results . I didn’t even have to appear .highly recommended. Professional friendly and knowledgable


The way samantha handled my case was a mazing. She is knowledgeable person keeps me updated. Also offered me options, I definitely recommend anyone who needs legal help. Thank u Samantha Green.


Attorney Samantha Greene and her Partner, “Stan The Man” were both thorough in their client intake and representation. I contacted Samantha’s office after researching online for a good defense attorney. I was seeking legal counsel for a court case in San Diego and needed to feel comfortable that I had good representation with much experience and expertise relating to my situation. I originally spoke with “Stan The Man”, who completed my client intake process. He made me feel as though I had known he and Attorney Greene my entire life. After explaining details of my circumstances, he informed me of the attorney fees required for my defense, which were very reasonable, given my circumstances.

I then met with Samantha shortly prior to my first court appearance to discuss my case. I was kept informed throughout the entire process and was please with the outcome. Had I not obtained expert, competent, experienced legal representation, the outcome of my situation would most definitely been different.

I would definitely recommend Attorney Samantha Ashley Greene as excellent legal representation.


I got the best service from Samantha. She was really quick with solving my case. She was always available to answer my questions.



Attorney Samantha Ashley Greene

More than 17 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney lies at the heart of Samantha Greene’s commitment to representing her clients.   Mrs. Greene received a Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego School of Law. She began her legal career working as a criminal defense lawyer in San Diego and quickly became the firm’s senior associate.   She was voted as a Top San Diego Criminal defense attorney in 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  Since Mrs. Greene started in private practice her experience and skill has allowed her to become a highly sought after “go to” criminal defense attorney.  Currently the bulk of her cases are serious felonies including domestic violence, child molestation, rape and murder.   Before her private practice, she worked as a Prosecuting Deputy District Attorney for the San Diego District Attorney’s Office.  Mrs. Greene is now the Senior Partner for one of San Diego County’s top criminal trial law firms.  In 2016 she was recognized by the California State Bar as a Criminal Law Certified Legal Specialist.  Her experience, professionalism, and commitment to her clients has earned her the respect and admiration of her peers.


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  • Deputy District Attorney for San Diego

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Attorney Jay Monico

Jay Monico migrated to the United States from El Salvador in August 1992, and became a United State Citizen in November 2003..Growing up on Los Angeles County, Jay witnessed firsthand the importance of obtaining proper legal representation and recognized that he who lacks proper representation can face harsh and long-reaching consequences. Such consequences can impair their ability to become productive members of society and entirely change the course of their lives.

Before Jay became a lawyer, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He shipped out to basic training just a few months after his 17th birthday, Jay faithfully conducted his duties as a United States Marine and was awarded several awards - including the good conduct medal and an honorable discharged. He entered law school in San Diego and opened his own practice upon graduation. Seizing the opportunity to work in a firm setting, which concentrated in the practice of Criminal Defense, Jay joined one of San Diego County’s top criminal trial law firms.

In his spare time, Jay volunteers as a youth football defensive coach. As a coach, Jay enjoys creating a positive learning environment, where the children learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and responsibility.